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  1. For the past two weeks I have gone through quite a process trying to figure out a very big issue with my cakewalk functionality. I was getting a “growing latency” where while tracking, with no plugins and only two tracks, a music render and a live mic track, latency would start at about 2 MS and grow to 3-5 Seconds over the course of one minute of tracking. It was loco! Im running rednet PCIEr/Audinate Dante gear so I’m used to rock solid low low low latency. I tried Everything! Protools was working great in terms of recording cleanly with no pops or issues. finally I backed up the registry and made a restore point and wiped the slate clean totally uninstalled cakewalk following the guide https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034066393-Clean-Install-Cakewalk-by-BandLab reinstalled and IT WORKED! now no more popping or clicking! Clean low latency tracking. I haven’t put in my key bindings yet but if doing that or changing any settings makes the awefulness comeback I’ll let you know!! im very protective of my system and have no idea how it got corrupt but I’m glad it worked!
  2. Hi guys, No wireless adapter in the computer. My computer is a 5 year old purpose built PC from Jim Roseberry/StudioCat.Purrrfect audio. It is 6 cores with hyper threading, 32 GB RAM. The OS drive is SSD Windows 10 Pro V1809, Audio drive is 2TB HD, Backup drive 2 TB HD, Samples 1 TB SSD. All drives benchmark test aok. DPC latency is 132 max. At the same time that I did the Windows 10 Pro upgrade, I also upgraded to an NVideo 1660GT card. Jim Roseberry asked me to put the original NVidea back in and try another PCI slot. I'll get the model numbers tomorrow. Jim went through the machine when I did the upgrades and then again Monday when I discovered the recording/audio engine stopped problem. Jim R did a bunch of additional tweaks, and updated the chipset software. I have 2 each MOTU 24 I/Os with a PCIe 424 card, 2 each MOTU Midi Express XTs, 13 midi synths. I do not use USB midi - I have better success with the XTs and midi cables. I have a decent/modest computer technical knowledge. Music making is more of my specialty...
  3. I recently upgraded to Win 10 Pro on an SSD. My "start work" template is ~ 50 tracks of MIDI and audio. Previously with Win 7, I could record for 2 or more hours. Currently I can only record a few minutes before I get a error message - Audio Engine Stopped. Reducing the number of armed track extends the recording time but only to 10 ish minutes. Suggestions please.
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