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    ZOOM L12

    Thanks John and57 Gregy for the quick response, i have all the Zoom inputs and outputs selected. i think the problem is not on Zoom l12 because i also use Cubase everything is working fine in Cubase. unfortunately i don't know Cubase that good to stick with it, i been a Sonar User for many years. JP
  2. Jose Pires

    ZOOM L12

    Hello I am not sure if this topic has been asked here but here it is: I purchase a Zoom l12 that i been use for the last month everything works like a charm until last Monday after some windows 10 update now the Zoom L12 shows on my settings but when i hit the space bar to start play i get the error message Error: "Unable to open audio record device JP
  3. Hello, i am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but , here it is: I got a Zoom l12 mixer with built in audio interface but i am having a problem with latency. i try different settings but the latency is to much to play with it. Does any one did try Zoom l12 mixer? if so what settings you use Thanks Joe pires
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