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  1. One of the things that can add space is a nice “live” recording or two mixed in with the soft stuff.  I know, many of us do that.  I guess any one doing  vocals.  But VA only instrumentation  makes it hard to add air to a soundscape naturally.  Unlike a lead guitar with some room tone,  or a persistent backing horn, or thick backing vocals.  The better the room the better the gear and better the engineer makes for a better capture of your real, personal air, but  most rooms can be arranged to be fairly neutral and most modern recording equipment is up to the task.  We have all heard home produced stuff that sounds radio ready.

    just as Craig has advised to add a live cymbal to virtual drums, loops etc for rhythmic purposes, a live capture track or two can provide real tone and air.

  2. I upgraded to Vegas 14?  During Magic’s  blowout and that is wonky now.  All of a sudden I don’t have permission to access the old files.  Vegas 7 still works but not with modern vid files which I used.  To tell the truth I haven’t tried to fix Vegas just to make some changes in a past project, but that is the point.  If you buy professional tools it is disappointing to spend the day mucking about trying to get them to work.  I don’t do enough video to burn time-until I have to.

    im sure I can get those programs sorted out, it is just disappointing to have to.

    thanks Lynn.

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  3. Of course, if cakewalk had a Mac version they’d still be part of Roland since Roland  wouldn’t have had to provide an Mac  daw for their hardware products as well as the pc cake.  Cakewalk tried and tried to make a Mac version but failed.  Don’t expect one.  Cakewalk should have made a p5 Mac version when they wrote that daw.

  4. Any electronic piece can cause distortion.  Mic - see above.  Preamp, yea, esp. the $5 worth of electronics that can come with cheaper interfaces.  Even your compressor can …  One good thing - if your converter overs you will notice.


    But really, you have to go down the list from mic to converter back to mic, testing each iteration.  And tho I don't sing, singers are usually like every other musician and play louder than they practice.  Might be the problem.



  5. You can’t record cake effects when tracking.  Just about every soft fix comes post recording, ie., you only add effects to the clean recording.  You’ll need to record thru external hardware, an analog channel strip or something similar.  Capture the sound you require going in.

    as to settings, that is totally source song dependent.  Tempo should determine the time settings on compressors to reinforce or pulse to the tempo.   eq is dependent on upon finding the tracks’ most important frequencies and the relationship between other track’s defining frequencies. You’re best option is to try different presets and work from those.

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