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  1. Rene, but with an accent.  He wrote and ended up selling zeta and then working for /with cakewalk on it and the original dimension for p5.  That was a big selling point for p5 And outlasted the daw.  Dimension became dimension pro, a stand alone rompler,  followed by rapture, with a smalll sample set geared for electronics. Rene left somewhere in there but before rapture pro was released.  All this is from memory, but the sequence is Correct.

    there are plenty of free synths out there but no evergreened list I know of.  Any list will quickly be outdated and the best bet is ask it on a site like this and whichever other music sites you are registered at:  NI, gearslutz, kvr, magazines, etc.

  2. Some of the time the different formats can confuse an audio I nterface, which is designed to stream high quality in and out of your computer, not switch seamlessly between  audio and video formats. So yes, disabling your onboard card is the easiest thing to do, but can mess with audio function of your interface when switching between games and online audio.

    10 years or so ago I always got a kick on the tc forum where people bought $1700 interfaces but were disappointed that they didn’t handle porno sound as well as their onboard card.

  3. As pointed out, there are lots of good, free synths available in the wild.   An evergreened list at bandlab would be nice for those without good synths.  Perhaps a way for banal users to download, with suggestions from users.  Another thing would be including dimpro sampler, tho the samples are a large file.  But that on my makes sense as a plug for a new  bandlab synth like a new rapture doubleplus good. 

    however, nothing suggests bandlab wants to upgrade rapture or invest in a new synth, which is an expensive proposition.  They have provided a top notch daw for free, they don’t seem to have a pay model or site, and yet users want more free stuff.  Sometimes you get more than you pay for like bandlab.  But it doesn’t mean you get everything for free.  A dimension style synth costs $100-200 or more.  A complete library of synth engines + $500, like NI (god, how much have I spent on NI over the years?).  I’d pay more for a pc alchemy, my fav synth.

  4. It would be great if cake would redo rapture pro.  As is it it is a good substitute for both dimension and rapture, but didn’t follow thru with new libraries, and it didn’t didn’t bring enough new synthesis tricks. When you can get Synthmaster with lib, wave table, fm and granular for around $100, there might not be enough demand for rap pro II at a price bandlab needs to charge.

    ps, I still use at least one cake synth on most songs.  Love them.

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  5. 19 hours ago, Freyja Grimaude-Valens said:

    Not exactly, what you hear in movies as far as synths and hybrid scoring are synths like u-He Diva, Zebra (Regular and Hans Zimmer editions), Omnisphere and Serum. Unfortunately, Massive X had been received not as well as expected, due to it not leapfrogging Serum in terms of features and UX design.

    And you will  hear others not listed .  As well as  hardware synths.  And non virtual instruments, too.

  6. I habitually turn midi to audio, copy and paste the audio to another track, then archive the midi only track.  That works for me.


    also, NI does sales twice a year.  Wait for the summer sale around the 4th of July.  Worth the savings.  And some of the NI synth packages are well worth the price, esp. if your soft synth collection isn’t great.  You can hear massive x all over movies etc.  if you listen.

  7. As above, Kontakt is about about as necessary as any soft synth.  And the full version  really ups the usefulness.  It is a bear to program, but the libraries are great.  Wait until the middle of summer or their winter sale around Christmas.  If you can, pick up one of the NI packs, when it is easy to get kontakt for $200 or their packs with it and other synths for $400.  A great investment if you don’t have a lot of softsythns.

  8. It depends upon how much you want to spend.  Lynx is a great unit but expensive.  I’m using an audient id44 now, which is everything you’d want, except is a 4x4 adda unit with digital expansion.  The only modern 8 adds unit I’ve used is the Roland.  It is a solid, good sounding unit.  

  9. I’ve gotten gorgeous sound out of an octava pencil mic from above the shoulder.  An ok room, although I do use an RND portico II channel.  If miking  isn’t possible, yea, use a guitar amp sim (clean) and irs to give it body.

  10. You can’t sell your own sample collection using cake content, but that is true of any sample set I know of.  Standard.  But cake has no call on your songs composed with their samples.

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  11. It depends upon what editing you want to do.  Many edits in cake are non destructive.  SF and other audio editors are destructive editors, so that you save the file as a new sound, such as for mastering.

    let us know what kind of editing you want to do, but I will say having SF is a great tool for workflow.  It does certain tasks a lot quicker and easier.



  12. Touch is best for controlling larger movements and unless you have a 3 foot screen many functions are just too small.  It is best used within a system of keys, keyboard and mouse (which is more precise for smaller changes).  I prefer the mouse for envelopes, keyboard for numbers and naming and touch for other aspects.  If extremely large touchscreens become more affordable, more functions can be take on via touch.   touch is great for synths and some hardware emulations.

  13. For recording any acoustic instrument, the most important ingredients, descending , are player, instrument, room, mic, pre and conversion.

    for an interface less than $500 I love the audient line.  The TAscam line, too, is fine.  The TAscam uh 7000 is a superior audiophile unit with bad drivers, but if you go digitally into another unit you can get the best of both worlds, tho the TAscam must be the master.  Over 500$ is lynx card.

    the warm pre should give you nice options with a transformer sound as opposed to cleaner ic interface.

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