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  1. All,

    ive got a brand new computer for music and I am retiring my old win 7.  

    win 10 pro.  What is the best process for preparing wi 10  and then assembling the programs, such as cake first?

    any ideas welcome before I start.  Thanks in advance.

  2. I don’t know what a “dynamics” buss means.  And dynamics means compressor limiters, not eq.  Busses are usually reserved for reverb or combining stems and treating them the same, like drums.

    I’ll usually use a reverb buss and then a guitar buss to combine and treat guitars, incl. dynamics and eq.  I’ll often use a lead buss, and shunt the lead vox and lead guitar through it instead of the instrument and or backing vox reverb buss.   Puts them in the same space that stands out.

  3. When I wrote this post I was talking about a good deal on an ubersynth, one that you could learn the various synth methodologies.  You can get into NI, or falcon etc. but Synthmaster is a lot cheaper than those options.  There are plenty of good free or cheap synths but none cheaper that lets one in on so many kinds of synthesis that I know of.

    but I haven’t heard or used of some of these others.

  4. There have been a lot of questions about which  synthesizer works best in cakewalk or is the first to get.  Synthmaster 2.9 plays like the big boys that contain various favorite synth engines.  Wavetable, VA, sampler, FM are all available.  And unlike Falcon etc., it costs less than a $100.

    it isn’t as pretty and slick looking as Falcon (which I also own) and some of the other ubersynths with similar capabilities, but works just as well.  Or start with the even cheaper synthplayer and upgrade if you like it.


  5. You should send tracks to busses if they are part of a similar group, say drums.  You can have eq and compression and reverb affect the entire group, as well as very track volumes without resetting all the other elements too.

    you should have a master buss which all tracks or busses go to.  The master buss goes to your interface output, which goes to its physical output, which goes to your headphones and your speaker amplifier input.

    sends are just a another kind of buss, mostly for reverb.  In this case you have several tracks you want the same effect on with  various depths.  Different levels  of the same reverb on lead and backing vocals so they seem to be in the room ( even if your backing vox already has verb on it.). I typically have a LEAD buss for lead vocal, but slip some of the lead guitar onto it to put it into the same space with the vox.

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  6. I usually use a gefell  930 for vo.  I’ve had success with the warm 87.  I’ve tried others but dynamics don’t have the detail I want, but that might be as much about the room as anything.  It is treated but a little dull and dynamic mics don’t shine with moderate speaking levels.  I also have used  a nice crown pcm for vo.  It was a little too much  surface and little depth - a bit too hard tho it sounded radio friendly.   the condensers are more expensive but do double duty on music instruments and singing.

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  7. The op is missing the point of mixing, or adjusting the relative level balance between tracks.  Or turn it up, as one of the first posters said.

    Once you have recorded a solid track with no distortion that you don’t want, then you can lower the volume of those instruments (either individually or via busses that provide a single fader to control your overall drum levels, for example), you need to balance the music tracks against the vocal  tracks, thus raising its realities volume.


    also, tracks can refer to either to complete songs - I heard a great track on the radio!  Or to individual audio tracks within your daw.  It also has a verb use in audio - I need to track guitars today, ie. record them.

    dont be discouraged there is a lot to learn.  Recording is like an learning a new instrument and it rakes rime to understand thee techniques but also the lingo.

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  8. Most importantly, how much money is available?  I love Barefoot speakers and I’m sure they would work, tho 10,000 USD might be too much.  At the lower end of the market I’d go with Yamaha, although every superior speaker they make seems to get cancelled because of manufacturing problems.  The Beryllium speakers in my NS 500 became too dangerous to make as did the paper cones in the ns 10.  I’ve had the ns 500s since 1975 and still use them at home.  By nice hardware that lasts.

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  9. Yea. 


    To the OP,

    samples are snippets to loops of audio.  Loops like a 4 on the floor kick and snare drum pattern.  If you don't like that kick drum you can find a hit of another kick you like better and manually lay it in over each of those audio loop kicks.  Or you can load these snippets into a SAMPLER, which can play back individual  hits at different pitches or entire loops.  So you could have an entire drum set contained w/in the SAMPLER and play it - usually via MIDI.  And edit that MIDI data on screen in Cakewalk.  The midi notes aren't audio until played or played back.  Kinda how electricity doesn't sound like music until it passes a speaker. 


    of  such as a kick drum hit.  You can lay in this kick hit  over every kick on your repeating 4 x 4 pattern

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  10. 1176s are often used on bass, either going in on recording or shaping afterwards.  The 1176 can add an edge of distortion to the sound, just a a little that helps push the sound forward.  An 1176 is almost like a switch it can be so fast, so just a small knob change can have a large effect in that small sliver of sound.


    the other standby is the la2a kind of compressor.  Or use both together.

  11. Or you can pay hundreds of dollars for another capable DAW.  It is easy to skip the social media.

    Ive got Bandlab and cakewalk on an old w7 machine that connects to the internet every 6 months to update bandlab and whatever else needs upgrading.  It is my main mixing rig.  Otherwise, I ignore bandlab and it seems to leave me alone except for updating.

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