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  1. I’ll check again on the vsti spot and check off the other suggestions. Thanks all
  2. The solo version works and the synthmaster folder is chosen for “look in” . Anybody else have a problem?
  3. As Dearing said, recording through hardware works for me. No much, just a general shaping (which also keeps from mucking up a take). Software works great esp. for further dynamic control. You can take a third swing during mastering with more gentle control. In general, I try to get more tone (including saturation) from analog, and more dynamic control with software. I am reviewing the new RND Orbit 5057 summing mixer which is a perfect example of the power of analog. Here at home I never ran a mix through a mix buss analog chain. I wanted the cleanest version. But with the orbit I turned up my home interface to 11, trying to get more sound into the mixer since the transformer just got sweeter and sweeter the more volume you pumped in. I was actually leaning forward into and between the speaker pair. Fun stuff and sounded great afterwards.
  4. Stations and down sampling can play havoc. I had a lead song for a cd baby project and the mp3 process for apple etc completely removed the big bass that came in on the second phrase of the intro. A major element just gone. And there was nothing to do but remix the song or live with it.
  5. The bandlab daw is more of a prefab looper, as I recall. Cakewalk is a full function daw but only ships with a few instruments and fewer loops, if any (tho it used to have some good ones). there shouldn’t be much difference between the sound of the daws themselves.
  6. If you don’t get rid of the sound blaster I’d suggest bouncing all midi to audio, disable and archive those synth tracks so your computer can catch its breath and then record acoustic stuff. I habitually do this even if I’m not pushing my computer so at mixdown I’m dealing with all audio. If you need to change a track, unarchive it and edit away. Once finished, bounce and archive it again. @
  7. It is hard to make a go of it without an apple version of music software. Such as one time owner Roland having to include a different apple daw with their hardware along with their free sonar. Being pc only cuts your customer base by half or more. Most pro studios are apple and there is a natural tendency to look down on pc software and “other” it and think of it as for home use despite Cakewalk being a fully professional daw. It can do everything other daws do, just not on the Mac. Bandlab seems committed so be happy you have access to such great software so cheap and don’t worry what others think.
  8. Sometimes my cakewalk freezes etc. and after I close it down the midi activity icon in the bottom right corner of the task bar (the one with usb discount icon) is still live. Open and shut down cakewalk fixes that problem. Work around that works.
  9. Unless your drummer is very good or your band very tight and steady you’ll want to record drummer first. use the snake to hook 8 or as many as inputs as you want and can to the 18 20 and record those to your computer to record. You don’t need to involve the mixer at all unless you need to feed the master output somewhere via analog.
  10. If you already have those synths installed in x2 cakewalk by bandlab should pick them up unless they are installed somewhere bandlab doesn’t look.
  11. One would think it would be easy to make it drag and drop...
  12. Alan Tubbs

    My devices/interface

    Audient id44, TAscam uh 7000 Mini moog, arp oddessy, ensonic fismo, seil dk 600, chorus echo mtg 930, 57, 58, wa 414, 47 and 87 rnd portico II, wa 76; la2a, 73, pultecs and Burgin’s McDaniel’s Komit compressors stereo
  13. Yea, it is a really nice and cheap all in one synth that does wt, samples pb and fm.
  14. Synthmaster 2.9 is on sale for $29. No doubt version 3. 0 Is coming soon. But a cool deal.
  15. Nothing wrong with assembling prefab riffs into songs. I mean really, there are probably half a dozen loops the blues use for most songs.. they just sing different lyrics over the same old tunes. And it still works great.
  16. you are thinking too much. There are plenty of reasons your vocals aren’t sharp other than mics and preamps. Have you ever had anyone with an ear listen to your voice live to see how your recordings sound? How does your room sound. How much do you play with the mic to get the best position. All that can affect your tone more than switching out preamps of one $200 interface for another. And by the way, the Roland pres are ok. The mic is old but other people like it, so I don’t think switching out a $200 mic for a $300 one is going to solve your problem. Maybe, but until you try it you won’t know. some of your comments about not capturing the vox attack sounds like it comes from the “ sensing” limiters built into the inputs. I hated the ones on the old Roland interfaces and turned them off. It is easy to screw up your sounds with such if youre not sure how it works. You are likely to get all kinds of sonic problems if you are pushing the envelope (pun intended) of cheap electronics. And switch around cables, you might have a internal kink. try messing around with your room and mic position with someone helping you. I’d start there. finally, expensive (ie. high quality) electronics do help. Most quality transformers cost $75 or more per, even in quantity. And you need two to couple a unit in and out. If you grew up before 90s almost all the pro audio you heard ran through tons of caps and transformers giving a thick, clear sound. That is why people pay good money for higher end hardware. It is quite exhilarating to finally hear and understand your bass having “that” sound you’ve heard on a 1000 songs, or an la2a on a vocal. @
  17. Get an 8 inch guitar amp combo. Not to loud, yet can sound great. I use a -$100 mxl ribbon and can get a nice, smooth sound..
  18. Thanks scook. And Bristol too! good stuff.
  19. All, ive got a brand new computer for music and I am retiring my old win 7. win 10 pro. What is the best process for preparing wi 10 and then assembling the programs, such as cake first? any ideas welcome before I start. Thanks in advance.
  20. I don’t know what a “dynamics” buss means. And dynamics means compressor limiters, not eq. Busses are usually reserved for reverb or combining stems and treating them the same, like drums. I’ll usually use a reverb buss and then a guitar buss to combine and treat guitars, incl. dynamics and eq. I’ll often use a lead buss, and shunt the lead vox and lead guitar through it instead of the instrument and or backing vox reverb buss. Puts them in the same space that stands out.
  21. When I wrote this post I was talking about a good deal on an ubersynth, one that you could learn the various synth methodologies. You can get into NI, or falcon etc. but Synthmaster is a lot cheaper than those options. There are plenty of good free or cheap synths but none cheaper that lets one in on so many kinds of synthesis that I know of. but I haven’t heard or used of some of these others.
  22. There have been a lot of questions about which synthesizer works best in cakewalk or is the first to get. Synthmaster 2.9 plays like the big boys that contain various favorite synth engines. Wavetable, VA, sampler, FM are all available. And unlike Falcon etc., it costs less than a $100. it isn’t as pretty and slick looking as Falcon (which I also own) and some of the other ubersynths with similar capabilities, but works just as well. Or start with the even cheaper synthplayer and upgrade if you like it. https://www.kv331audio.com/synthmaster.aspx
  23. Monarch and massive both are good analog emulations to learn on. Many of the other NI synths use different synthesizer methods, FM, sampler etc. so you came to the right product. Massive X is a better synth in my mind but more complex, so wait for it. have fun!
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