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  1. One solid, all a rounder mic.  For a $1050?  

    microtech gefell m 930, a real Neumann.  During WWII they moved the factory to the east to escape bombing and it ended up as Gefell in east Germany.  Still make the m7 capsule which the 930 uses.  Solid state and not a larger than life sound, just replication.  Works well on every thing from vocals to fiddle.

    you may want to add other mics that fit your voice or guitar whatever better later, but that takes time, as well as funds.  Gefell will still sparkle and holds its value in case you need to sell it to buy your wonder mic.  You hardly ever see them for sale, which is the best endorsement you can get.


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  2. Sample rates are overrated.  Lavry   stated that the best rate was somewhere around 60k years ago - I don’t know if that is still valid.  Bit rate is more important, but even there many plugs already upsample within your daw.  And some converter units seem to work better at specific sample rates.

    I record 44.1 at 24 bits.  No sound quality problems.  Most of the samples I use or drop are at 44.1 and 16 bits.  I knew a national artist and back in the 90S he would record his rhythms into a 12 bit akai and take that to the neve studio with a 2 inch tape.  There  are  more important facets of sound (not to mention music) than raw sample rate.

    but ten years?  You deserve a new computer.

  3. There are plenty.  I think the cakewalk hardware was a re-branded Roland.  I’m not sure about the specs, channels and such.  But I’d probably go with Audient’s line of interfaces, which are good quality and about the best in class to my ear.  I’m sure lots of people will give recommendations.

  4. I interviewed Rupert Neve, whose pres and consoles are still the classics of “tone”.  He said was always trying to get the cleanest signal possible with the least possible distortion.  After selling Neve and waiting out the non competitive  clause, he got back into making recording equipment.  The earliest focusrite stuff and latter hardware were cleaner, so clean a buddy who had one swore he could turn up the eq and hear nothing.  The roughness in  the saturation of eq etc. made changes easier to hear.  Most of the engineers didn’t like the newer hardware (tho electrical engineers found it great).  Mr. Neve added the silk  circuit in his Rupert neve designs gear to put back some desirable saturation into his gear.

    Distortion won’t help w hunting subs but can with music production if you need some edge.

    the console emulator is supposed to add some of the non linearities inherent in complex , multiple transformer coupled signals passing thru a console.  It is certainly cheaper and easier than having nice, expensive stereo analog channel strips to put all you audio into and through.

  5. Thanks all.  

    Always good to hear dissent, esp. when it has a happy ending.  Being Mac centric always shied me off before, tho motu seemed to offer bang for bucks.  I always tried to up the quality rather than quality, but the mk5 seems to have nice clean ins and outs and I have enough external hardware to stamp a transfer coupled sound going in.

  6. Yea bitflipper, I thought you used them.

    and thanks to the other comments. Many of the software  problems I’ve read about have people watching utube and gaming and answering email.  This will be a pure music computer and offline.  My retiring win 7 machine lasted a long time that way.

  7. Thanks all.  Good to know about the windows drivers.  After getting a summing mixer I need more outs.  I’d really like a lynx, but in the meanwhile the motu looks to fit the bill as a clean stream while the RND can “transform” things.  

    any other examples are great -even bad ones.  I read the long gearslutz/space thread and as usual, the first pages had some good info while the last 200pgs were arguments about different opinions.  Hope to review it first.


  8. I know how to back up my old win 7 machine which which is heading into retirement.

    the new machine is win 11.  Do I need a program to make an back up installation or will windows 11 update with new programs natively?  

    I don’t mind spending money on a third party software if needed, although I’ve done fine without them up til now.


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