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  1. Another topic done to death.  My 45-year-old amp is dying.  Or one channel.  It was a 10-inch version of the same class as the famous NS 10.  Not the same midrange but is goes much lower and the top end is beryllium sweet (another thing Yamaha can't make for environmental reasons, just like the acid bath paper cone in the NS 10).  The speakers are excellent and the whole system would sale today for 2+K to 3k$.

    Yamaha makes a similar class amp these days for $800 bucks or so.  Any better deals to get a professional monitoring system , or an integrated system up from say the Yamaha HS 8 and such?

    Thanks for your thoughts

  2. Yea, I know, but the only cD architect I could find was on Amazon.  It was officially from SONY, so that is good.  I just don't want to spend 112 US$ for a program I've had for 15 years.  My older computer died with the programs on it but I don't think they will authorize tho I have the serial and reg numbers (like Cakewalk used to authorize).


    What would be another good program to assemble a CD and why and is it cheaper than $112?

  3. Touchscreens are great but there is no tactile feedback like with a real fader.  That is a problem but touch works well as a controller for xy pads, on off and many other functions.  Mousing is good for small discrete moves.  Computer Keyboard for numbers, names etc.  they all have their place and one can pick and choose the best for your workflow.

  4. Talent for sure.  

    The biggest difference I’ve found otherwise is rooms.  A tuned room really helps distinguish different instruments… more definition.  Most home recordists don’t have a spare room or two that can be tuned anyway with low ceilings etc.  and many of us have other compromises, live recording and monitoring in one room or two with too much bleed to really tell what the heck you are doing.  

    Experience, which goes to skills mentioned above.

    then equipment.  Even tho a basic interface and dynamic can provide a good capture these days, better quipment (and experience using it ) makes a difference, even if it is only at the margins.  Personally I try to have at least one nice transformer between me and the converter.

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