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  1. Does it make any difference when you select tracks or time? Try exporting Bus > Master.
  2. Hi guys!, Lately I've been dealing with an issue in my BBCSO plugin. I don't know exactly how it started (but it was these last ten days for sure). Don't know if it has to do with Cakewalk, or Spitfire or maybe a Windows update... Well, after opening the piece archive, the instruments' plug-ins load normally; in the beginning, they work as expected. After some minutes, thou, when I click on the BBCSO plug-ins, it shows 0 CPU used, 0 RAM; they don't show any automation change (including articulation changes, dynamics, expression etc.). The plug-ins actually "respond" to the midi commands (the sound is correctly affected), but the interface doesn't show it. The faders in the plug-in remain in their positions, the articulations are kept visually unchanged - although the dynamics, expression and articulations do change, as normal. I just cannot see the interface following these "events". I tried to reload, relocate, reinstall - I even deleted the old BBCSO plug-in -, but the issue remains. All the other plug-ins work normally. My computer is a new i9, 32GB, and everything was fine until ten days ago. Does someone have any idea, suggestion? Thanks in advance!, Marcos
  3. Great, problem solved! It was the new eLicenser, that I use to authorize some Steinberg plugins. Just had to reinstall the old version.
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