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  1. Thanks for the quick reply scook! It worked well for me. I had nothing else installed so I removed the only branch entry under "...\Installers\". Melodyne is now available for installation again. A follow up question: The included installer of Melodyne is still a trial version, no? Is there any difference between this one and the official trial verson from Celemony? Cheers! /Anders
  2. Hello! I just installed Cakewalk by Bandlab and the Melodyne add-on. Once installed I realized I wanted to install Melodyne in another folder, so I uninstalled both the Melodyne plugin and the Melodyne runtime (which required admin privileges). Trying to reinstall Melodyne, the add-on option is now already selected and grayed out as if the add-on is already installed. I'm certain Melodyne is uninstalled. The Apps & Features list have no Melodyne entries and regedit shows no trace of installation. Please see attached images for reference. How can I make Bandlab know that Melodyne is uninstalled? Cheers! /Anders
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