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  1. I understand that the Fl studio step sequencer is both sample and midi based. I do currently work with the step sequencer using a sampler plugin and it's usable however it is not very intuitive compared to Fl studio's step sequencer despite only subtle differences. Minor changes could easily be added to improve the workflow when using the step sequencer. Also I know about the sampling capabilities of the Matrix View but having to manually map each cell by midi learn makes it work better for live performances rather than as a sampler, which does go to show that Cakewalk could use a sampler given that they are included in practically every DAW.
  2. I agree e.g. the ability to edit midi in the piano roll and edit other parameters while something is playing would allow a similar workflow to the ableton session view and shouldn't be too difficult to implement.
  3. When using the matrix view, there is no option for live editing. You are able to convert midi to step sequencer format however any changes are only played if you pause the cell and replay. A piano roll option should be available and you shouldn't have to manually convert it since the file is in midi and editing should be observable as the cell is playing. This would make Cakewalk far more intuitive and improve the workflow of many people, especially Ableton users, this also appears to be easy to implement.
  4. Essentially the Fl Studio step sequencer has a built in sampler and triggers these samples based on the noted pressed in the step sequencer. You are able to drag and drop a sample onto each row however doing something similar in Cakewalk isn't as intuitive.
  5. After attempting to use MPC beats as a VST inside of Cakewalk, the program had crashed. This happens every time I attempt to open certain menus within the VST, the VST is certainly not the problem as it works perfectly fine inside other DAWs such as Ableton or Fl meaning there is an issue within Cakewalk that needs to be resolved.
  6. What I meant was a direct drag and drop function similar to the step sequencer in fl studio.
  7. The step sequencer in Cakewalk isn't the most intuitive to use, it would be nice to see some drag and drop feature being implemented. This could be in addition to the current method if there are people that prefer that.
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