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  1. I remember when this came out to give you perspective...
  2. If you have a ton of stuff, it certainly makes sense. But speed wise, it is a 6th of the speed of a current MVMe. If you don't have a M.2 slot, well, this makes sense!
  3. Isn't the Berlin Grand an New York Grand from K10? I like those and play them often.
  4. I thought at the time of release, this was a little out there as a concept. Today, I know it was a bullseye:
  5. Save SAVE SAVE! Then label all the presets and such in your projects. Keep great notes. Just better organization.
  6. ....the waiting is the hardest part. I didn't particularly need an update. I wasn't seeking an update. But now that I know there is a HUGE update with features and stuff, I WANT IT! I'm all Veruca Salt now. Sucks .
  7. @cclarry You didn't go to the bowl? https://hanaumabaystatepark.com/
  8. From what I have read on this forum, there is a new update(w/new possible new features) that is ready to roll. It is just resting.
  9. Technically speaking ....ABSOLUTELY!
  10. @Jimbo 88 A SSD or NVMe is a great, low cost upgrade. I use Active Disk ( https://www.disk-image.com/index.html ) to clone/backup my machine at least twice a month. If you can, share you computer specs.
  11. It failed quite spectacularly before, so I'm not sure why they would attempt it again. And frankly, I CHOSE Cakewalk back in the day because it WAS on the Windows platform.
  12. It sure doesn't get any easier!
  13. John 5 is a great technical player, but I can't tell you one riff he wrote. I'd rather be the "sloppy player" who wrote the iconic riffs, than the technically proficient guy who can play anything ....but can't come up with the iconic riffs. Every. Single. Time. And all you say is right about Ace. However, his solo album that he DID play on is the best of the 4 😁
  14. I have no doubt Tommy is a better copier off all things Ace than Ace at this point, but stealing all the signature look, gear & moves is weak. If Tommy and Eric were different personas, there would be no issue. Also, KI$$ cash in on that "magic" that Peter and Ace provided (Beth & Shock Me being two cases of the blatant ripoff). The difference with Motley Crue, is at least John 5 is still John 5 and not copying Mick in looks and stage persona.
  15. A saying I live by when going out socially applies here: Better to leave a little early and have people miss you and wish you stayed, then to stay too long and have people remember you for lingering too long.
  16. Oh, I know how bad based on shows from 15/20 years ago. But it is claimed that what you are hearing ARE pre-recorded vocals now ...if so, I'd hate to hear actual live ones, because pre-recorded sound AWFUL!
  17. I've always enjoyed reading musician or band biographies, and boy howdy, there is high drama in the Motley Crue camp! It just goes to show how some bands are just a brand and a business! Mick may not be able to tour, but it sounds like the band wants him out of ALL of the corporations. Cheap Trick did this to Bun E. Carlos years back and got their asses handed to them in court. I hope the same happens here. Personally, I find the allegations of pre-recorded everything to be fascinating(as it is a current trend). I wonder how bad Vince Meal would sound if he was really sing live! https://blabbermouth.net/news/mick-mars-on-his-motley-crue-bandmates-i-carried-these-bastards-for-years?fbclid=IwAR2oV3zplASeI2ESgcNqvOSQWi-1iy-Rfu4A20Ylf4d2ZShi3YmRiRxYHe8
  18. Rick is awesome! I am in Atlanta and if he holds open events, I'd definitely go.
  19. Be curious what you discovered on your machine.
  20. I've never had one BIOS update issue with Asus through the years, but oddly enough had them with Gigabyte ...which you had the opposite. So strange.
  21. When I first started building in the 90s, I treated the PC Build Engineer(yes, that was a real job back then) to lunch to help me build my first PC. He was a wiz, and he explained everything. I'm proud to say I've had boot up first time every time 30+ builds down the road. I enjoy the nuance of it, and having all the cables the way I want them. Also, very few problems over the years with Asus motherboards and Intel processors. The two AMDs I built back in the day just were bears and I sold them off.
  22. I saw that, and it was awesome. Started with HUSTLE! I've done something similar(though obviously not at that speed). Outhustled a guy to the guy to the corner, used the glass to see my guy coming down the slot and did a backhand blind to him and he put it home. Even this old squirrel got a nut occasionally(and I was NOT known as a speed or skill guy, but did have hustle and awareness) 😜
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