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  1. I know I've seen this covered on this forum before, but I honestly can't find it with a search. How do we get to our old Cakewalk plugins, like CA-2A and Dimension Pro? I know that, if I could get into my old Cakewalk account that I'd likely be able to download them, but I tried to log into my account and it didn't work. I tried to recover my password and never received an email to do so. I recall hearing about this problem a lot early on after CbB started, but again, I can't find a solution on this forum. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. 

  2. Just thought I'd add that there's a song I'm working on where three separate time I've had to go through and turn down every track by a significant number of DBs, and it's not because I'm an idiot. I think this would be a useful feature.

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  3. In the next few months, I'm going to be performing the grueling task of reinstalling all my music software on a new computer. It occurred to me that it would be really helpful at this time to be able to go into the plugin manager and export just a simple list (maybe as a PDF or CSV) of all my installed plugins, so that I'll know what I have to reinstall for next time.

    I searched for this feature request already and I don't think it's been made. Also, please, if you don't like this idea, don't tell me why it's stupid or not needed (unless of course this exact feature already exists somewhere). Just move on to the next thread. Thank you.

  4. On 2/7/2020 at 3:46 AM, chuckebaby said:

    Id also like to add that, this is your feature request, I really hope I didn't sound like I disapprove or anything. Sometimes I can sound rather blunt in this feedback section. You have every right to request what ever feature you want.

    Mark Morgon-Shaw, this is how to disagree with my feature without being a dick. 

  5. On 3/30/2020 at 1:41 PM, Mark Morgon-Shaw said:

    It's entirely relevant as the principles are the same

    It's entirely irrelevant because software should be designed to be used as software, and not limited artificially by how things were done before software. In today's world, sometimes people might find themselves in a situation where, either through their own stupidity or whatever else, they've turned everything up too loud. I was asking for a feature to make my life easier. If you wouldn't find it useful, all you have to do is say nothing. Again, what's wrong with you?

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  6. On 3/30/2020 at 1:41 PM, Mark Morgon-Shaw said:

    The reason you are only one asking is because you are asking developers to add a feature to fix a problem caused by you not knowing how to use the software properly i.e. gain staging

    What's wrong with you? I know how to use the software. I fall into bad habits, like turning individual elements up instead of turning all the other tracks down. THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH ASKING DEVELOPERS TO CREATE A FEATURE TO MAKE MY LIFE EASIER. If no one else wants it, the developers can feel free not to implement it. It's not like I'm saying to Cakewalk "Your software is trash if you don't implement this, you idiots."

    You're being a dick. End of story.

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  7. BTW, some of you don't seem to understand that this forum is for proposed features. I propose features that would be helpful to me. It's not really helpful, or possible even, for me to try to figure out, in advance, if a feature would be helpful for a broad swath of Cakewalk users before posting about it here. If I'm the only one asking for a particular feature, Cakewalk should just not implement it. It's that simple. Some folks are almost to the point of being offended if I ask for something that they personally wouldn't find useful. 

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  8. On 3/15/2020 at 4:57 AM, Mark Morgon-Shaw said:

    You mean audio from another project ?

    You can do that just by using per project audio folders ( which is now the default iirc ) and then browsing to the other projects audio folder and drag- dropping what you need right into your current project.  I do it quite often as I have to make tracks in the same genre and it's easier to find certain sounds like a kick drum or a riser that worked well in a previous track for example.  Way quicker than trawling through multiple folders in my sample drive. 

    No, I mean an entire track from another project. I often save projects in different versions. I want the ability to go back and grab a track from another project and bring it into the current version without opening the previous version. Pro Tools and Studio One have this functionality, and I would, for the way I work, like it in Cakewalk. That and nested track folders. 

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  9. On 3/26/2020 at 2:51 PM, Mark Morgon-Shaw said:

    The only real solution once you get down to it is learn to mix and use gainstaging properly. What did you do in the days when we all had analogue mixers and things like ADATs that would clip digitally if pushed to far ?  

    No. Actually, I proposed a solution that is very "real". A feature that lets you turn down everything by X DBs, including envelopes. If you don't like the feature, that's fine. You don't have to use it. RexRed thinks he would find it useful too. 

    What did I do in the days when we all had analogue mixers and things like ADATs? I don't know. I never recorded with ADATs. I assume a lot of what I do in DAWs wouldn't translate to the days of mixers and ADATs. Bringing up decades old technologies in a proposed feature request for a DAW isn't exactly relevant.

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  10. And I agree with those that say that part of what you're paying for with a human mastering engineer is another pair of experienced, smart ears on your mix. I work with an engineer named Carl Saff who offers unlimited revisions. He'll keep going until you're happy. So, if his initial feeling about what your mix needs doesn't jive with mine, we just try again. It's a good system.

  11. I would never, for example, use LANDR to master the new album I've been working on for five years, but I am using it to get an idea of what mastering might do to my mixes when I listen to my mixes "out in the wild" (testing them in my car, on my home stereo, on a phone, etc.). It has its uses. I'd also use it for a quickie song that's only on my Soundcloud or something. It often represents an improvement over my pre-mastered mix. If there were no such thing as human mastering engineers, I'd most likely use LANDR on my songs. Fortunately, there are such a thing as human mastering engineers.

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  12. On 2/7/2020 at 1:01 PM, Heinz Hupfer said:


    I tried to write a CAL Script, but:


    It is not possible to read out the actual Volume level of a track, so you can't add or subtract a given amount.

    The only way I found is the following:

    1. Add a Midi Track and the best is to add it as the last track.

    2. Remember the number of the track.

    3. Copy my attached CAL Script to %Your Partition%\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\Cal Scripts

    4. Make a shortcut to the CAL Script, perhaps Shift+P

    5. Now Select all Tracks or press Ctrl+A

    6. Right click on any Volume Fader, select a group color and make sure that the group is set to "relativ"

    7. Look at the "Volume" Number on the added Miditrack (101 must be at the moment)

    8. Press Shift+P or your attached shortcut for the CAL Script and type in the number of the track and the Volume (0-127)

    If you want to have -3dB, type in (Your Miditrack) and 88 for the Volume. If you try some amounts (Ctrl+Z to Undo) you can see on your tracks how much dB you subtract.



    You can't adjust Volume on seperate Tracks, unless they are ungrouped.

    No time anymore today, tomorrow I can make a Autohotkeyscript to automatically Group or ungroup all tracks and combine it with the cal script......should be possible!!





    TrackVolume.cal 346 B · 0 downloads

    Thank you!

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