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  1. ASIO drivers uninstalled. Re-installed the M-Audio drivers and rebooted-Went to start Cakewalk by Band Lab-Blue screened with a Stop 2xb, then a 03xb and and then a hexidecimal string series of error messages. Full system recovered by image backup. At this time I have re-thought my interest in Cakewalk By Band Lab. My working hours are spent performing cyber security tasks for my regular job. This was meant to be a welcome diversion from finding all my lyrics and song notebooks-not an exercise in frustration and futility. You are all very lucky to have this program working IMHO. A fortunate meeting at Starbuck's after the blue screen debacle caused me to meet several younger people who use other DAW's and another OS. They have graciously agreed to help me come up to speed in the time period I have and requested. To all who posted, a most gracious thank you from my heart for your time. Best regards & respect. I wish you all safety & health during these difficult times. Keep Rockin' Mike
  2. Thanks Tonemangler-yes, You are all knowledgable and today I had drum sounds, bass and strings coming out of my speakers. I actually thought I was going to make it. Yet I followed the Cakewalk tutorial video on YT..and I commented that I did not have the guitar coming out of the speakers like I did with the drums. I was then told I needed ASIO4ALL drivers. So? Downloaded and installed and the M-Audio device never showed again in Preferences. Rebooted several times and still can't get the M-Audio to show up in CW. Right now, the frustration level is just way too high. Of course, I have looked at Presonus, but after reading reviews like "it doesn't work with my Mac/PC", who would spend money on a DAW package AND a MAC or PC when Cakewalk is free? Free plus it's reputation as a DAW is a no-brainer for me. Then I hear the music that people have recorded with CW and I'm like..God..I have over 10 years of lyrics, riffs and song ideas! Yet the "brains" needed" to even record one note, to hear the guitar with plugins coming from my speakers is as elusive as looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Should have seen me when I got drum sounds today-now there would have a been a freaking comedy video to set music to:)) I have made other inquires and received "you need to purchase new gear", or "you need to purchase a MAC". I will admit, the thought of another PC (or MAC, but then that's another learning curve) dedicated to recording with studio monitors and a new Audio interface is looking as somewhat of a fix for all this frustration. Will not make that decision any time soon, at least not today. The M-Audio is years old. The PC is Win10 64 bit w/ 16 GB of RAM. Speakers are the mini Bose system and they are probably the same age as Tesla was when he invented AC. I think its just a certain method to install the drivers/ audio interface-that it has to be done in a certain order? Don't know. I was originally thinking that my onboard sound card is the culprit-BUT, I learned here that my M-Track is the sound card and that the onboard sound card does not figure into the recording equation. The device disappearing on me after I installed the ASIO4All driver really threw me, as it is the exact stopping point I had years ago with this audio device. I'm going to drop back a few days and come down off this feeling, take the bike out, ride a bit, get some wind therapy in and come at this again. Would appreciate any comments as to a new, more up to date audio device and if y'all have the time would like to know what your using with CW. Thank you all.
  3. Apologies but it was a crash and burn all day-tried to learn this myself. I did have drums, strings coming out of the speakers. When I tried to follow the video, I was told I needed ASIO drivers. Downloaded them and made an attempt. No Joy. The M-track Audio device does not show and I cannot make any selections. I have rebooted several times. I tried adding the .jpg extension. No Joy. Here's the ruins-the first screen is what I get upon starting CW: https://gyazo.com/ad2c39b5a10003b03182ec089313f8db https://gyazo.com/2329d982362c6147fec2db122c1bf037 https://gyazo.com/28d2c1e970870193bf5a99314279f8c6 Its funny, but this where I ended up throwing in the towel years ago with this audio device and Cakewalk-just couldn't get it to record. I wish I knew what in God's name I am doing wrong.
  4. This is the model I have: it's probably older than the one you have pictured. https://gyazo.com/4b6e64c38dfa1de353360c96c8c03428 I think #3 was made before the driver mode was set.
  5. Well..never say die. Its installed. I listed screen shots. Still have no sound coming from speakers when I strum the guitar. I think (well..that's dangerous) that my settings for the M-Audio device may be incorrect..just tired right now ..maybe not seeing it. Its installed-though I don't have any idea why it took so many (3) times to do so. Thank you so very much for at least getting me to this point. Lots of work to go..lots of things to learn..hope everyone is safe & healthy. 1st screen https://gyazo.com/a5529bd4433cc12eb8bb492516cb8790 2nd screen https://gyazo.com/7da7c32bd2fad41a30346634c84cbb9c 3rd Screen shot https://gyazo.com/0db9fc49dc031905e11553e64183423d 4th https://gyazo.com/4ebc2e44622df309974443a1f7f7df97
  6. I guess its safe to say that the Cakewalk in the training video on You Tube is non-existent then? Every search leads me to Cakewalk by Band Lab. Well thank you Sir for your posts. As I stated, I have already uninstalled band Lab.
  7. What in god's name did I download then?-it was from the Cakewalk site. I do a search on "Download Cakewalk" ..and it takes me to Cakewalk by Band lab
  8. Windows Sound properties: https://gyazo.com/6dcdcb3f40104e7210d990b9630b06d3 https://gyazo.com/60cad51aa43ffe940cce18d3218cfa2e
  9. https://gyazo.com/0186cb8f9111458045183bf28659041d 2nd screen shot-Under Edit, there is no Preferences. As you can see in the first screen shot, under input, the M-Audio does show, however there is no actionable way to select it. Clicking on it does nothing. In my Sound preferences in Windows, the M-Audio device is selected. Right now, I'd be happy if I could get the damn tuner to register that the guitar is plugged in.
  10. https://gyazo.com/705a8b3558bd3a5ca6f64665e8f0b10b screen shot of current Cakewalk screen
  11. From the web site: Click Edit > Preferences (DOES NOT SHOW in CW) Under the Audio section on the left, click on Playback and Recording (DOES NOT SHOW in CW) From the "Driver Mode" dropdown select ASIO and then click Apply (DOES NOT SHOW in CW) Under the Audio section on the left, click on Devices (DOES NOT SHOW) Make sure your M-Audio M-Track card is selected under both inputs and outputs. If it appears grayed out, deselect all drivers, in both inputs and outputs, then select your M-Audio M-Track card. Click Apply. (DOES NOT SHOW) Under the Audio section on the left, click on Driver Settings (DOES NOT SHOW) Make sure one of your M-Audio M-Track drivers is selected as "Playback Timing Master". It is best to select the output that you have speakers or headphones connected to. Click Apply and then OK Finally, all audio playback will occur from the M-Audio M-Track device. Make sure you have your speakers or headphones connected to its outputs
  12. I went to this page: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/Audio-Hardware-Setup-Guide?productId=CSPR100&audioDeviceId=152 I selected M-Audio..and then... Cakewalk is not even listed.
  13. Downloaded Cakewalk. Installed 64 bit M-Audio drivers Plugged USB cable into M-Audio>then into PC Started BandLab>then Cakewalk opened and completed installation. Followed Cakewalk video: Go to Edit>Preferences I do not have a Preferences section to click on. Fraking lost right from the get go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Over 5 years ago, I was a part time teacher and tasked with bringing the art (Exasperation) of recording music to students. We started off with a single Windows computer and an M-Audio M-Track Plus audio interface. The unit came with Steinburg, Cubase and a host of other software. After one week of installing the software with the various subscriptions to various websites and feeds, we plugged the unit in-AND NOTHING. Back and forth with all companies involved until the time we started getting no response from anyone. Zero Responses!! We cancelled the program. I remember Cakewalk being the very first DAW I was exposed to. Military service and life kind of took front seat. So now I am back-with the same M-Audio interface with an updated 64bit driver for use in my Win 10 PC with 16 GB ram and an onboard sound card. Was looking at other DAW's, one has a subscription service, another forum told me I don't need to upgrade to a PCI sound card, that the audio device handles the I/O's and the DAW does the work. Another suggested purchasing a MAC (would be on credit if purchased) with an Audio interface bundle (mic, software etc.) If anyone senses frustration, please multiply it by 1000%, as I have been dreaming of putting over 5 notebooks, over a period of years, filled with lyrics and guitar chords to record and mix down to MP3 format for use on the web. What do I need to do to plug my guitar into an audio device, bring up the DAW application, chose a drum sequence, a bass line, and a utilize a built-in guitar VST amp model and then record these one at a time? Do I need to purchase a sound card? A new PC/MAC? Thank you for your help, suggestions and assistance. I hope all are safe and healthy during this time period.
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