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  1. Hey folks I had finally time to test this again and it wasn’t successful. ☹️ I tried also the way abacab suggested, but no sound output. There still must be one wrong configuration but I have no clue. Thank you for help.
  2. OK, I will check and try to fix that. Thanx.
  3. Sorry I couldn‘t find Info about how to open the „Midi Widget“. The documentation pages do not help me as a beginner. 🤷🏻 This is als close as I could get:
  4. I do not intentionally route the signal in any way. As a complete beginner I opened just a basic empty project and open a Midi track and open another track for the available plug-in instruments to test. So the only midi sound we hear is from the PC itself. No external sound module. The only external thing is my Novation Remote25 keyboard (and speakers).
  5. OK here are the Screenshots RMT25V10 is my Midi Keyboard RLTKDORHD is the Soundcard of my PC I only hear sound on Track 2 Midi, not Track 3 SI Piano ... 🙁
  6. Checked, but it wasn‘t due to solo (all turned off). It must be something with the routing of the sound. Midi tracks work fine, only plug ins remain silent.
  7. Hello I have sound output when I load a demo song. I also have sound output when I choose the GSM piano. But when I choose a plug in out of the synthesizer rack, it doesn’t matter if it’s one that came with cakewalk or a third-party plug-in, my loudspeaker remain silent. I can see that the plug in is receiving midi notes as there are lights blinking on the screen but no sound output. Can anyone help a newbie? Thanks.
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