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  1. Thanks for the responses. Bounce to tracks worked.
  2. I can pan the stereo track to only hear the channel I want which will work for me, but still wondering why I can't import into two tracks.
  3. When importing a stereo audio file I am only getting two results. Either I get both channels in on a stereo track or, when I click "Import into mono tracks" I get one track with both channels combined. The track is from Ron Carter's "Building Jazz Bass Lines". The audio has drums and piano in one channel and drums and bass on the other. I want to mute the track with the bass (sorry, Ron) and record my practice on a different track. Using Cakewalk on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 interface. Thanks!
  4. I'm brand new to DAW software, have been able to record my bass and export a track for a bandmate to mix into his new tune. Now I just want to record my practicing with a drum track. I don't want to create a drum map (yet), or edit an existing one (yet). I've looked through those tools and videos, but they stop short of showing how to make noise. I'm hoping for some very basic instructions on loading a drum track for recording and playback. Rick
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