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  1. Hey there! This is just a little reminder that about 24 hours left to get the library with an intro offer. In the video below, Ashen Scoring Cello was used as a base in the Dark Trailer mix. We also used "Devastator" by Keepforest (synths, drums) and "Master Sessions Ensemble Drums" by Heavyocity (drums). You can find the naked version of this demo on the product page. Thanks for your attention and support!
  2. Hey guys. Just a little message with new overviews and a new demo. Have a nice weekend! Videos:
  3. Hey guys! I do not want to look like a spammer. But I try to program the instrument in different mixes and it would be great to know your opinion. The instrument was created to work in a wide context in the first place. Although the library has a dark and close ambient tone, we wanted to try to mix it with orchestra or piano. Thanks! WA Team
  4. It would be great to make such updates in the future for our previous libraries. The problem is we are a small team of developers. And NKS licensing (for Kontakt Player) costs a lot of money. In short, we would love to make all of our libraries available for Kontakt Player. But now we are not sure we can afford it. I check this thread regularly
  5. It would be great to see what you think about our instrument. Yep, it works with free Kontakt Player
  6. Honestly, I am listening to the "Witcher" game soundtrack right now
  7. Hey guys! Let me present our latest effort - Ashen Scoring Cello with intro offer. $99 (FULL PRICE $139) UNTIL 20TH OCTOBER. Ashen Scoring Cello is a solo cello library with an intimate tone, born out of insomnia and the idea of minimal post-classical compositions, trailer music, and post-horror soundtracks with its woebegone atmosphere. It concentrates on a highly expressive and emotive playing style. Every note is sampled with multiple dynamics in a musical context from real performances. It gives more general musicality and energy. In addition to standard and non-standard articulations, this instrument contains a unique Performance Designer engine that can bring life and a unique atmosphere to your composition and gives control over the textures. Ashen Scoring Cello is not yet another run-of-the-mill strings library. Our instrument is designed to work in a wide context. From dark ambient and experimental to orchestral and trailer music. For more info, please visit our website: https://wavelet-audio.com/ashen-scoring-cello/ Demos: We wanted to make the demos in various styles. You can listen to it here: https://wavelet-audio.com/playlist/ashen-scoring-cello-demos Videos: Thanks for your attention, guys ❤️ Evgeny & WA Team
  8. Thanks for ordering our library! Well, we did not plan to make a collection of midis in the first place. Just a couple of clear examples of how to work with the instrument. Do you not mind to let us know what do you mean by "I don't think it is doing the pitch bend all that well either"? A little reminder, you can set-up your pitch-bend here (see screenshots). We find it important to be able to control the pitch-bend bounds. Finally, we personally like to use the following VST guitar plugins with the instrument (not advertising ) : BIAS by PositiveGrid, lexTac by LePou (free), TH3 by Overloud, Bulldozer by Audio Assault. Plus, some EQ to taste. Hope it helps. WA Team ❤️
  9. We would not comment this but we want to be open with you, guys. Frankly speaking, replacing/removing this sign will cost a disastrously large budget to change all marketing materials. We will need to change all images, all videos, etc. Of course, it will be possible to release a patch and warn all people that it exists. But it sounds silly. Also, this sign DOES NOT exist in our Elements libraries - High _Gain and Crunch. They are a part of Cabal 8 Full. In other words, if you use Hi-Gain and Crunch guitars and do not use DI guitar then you will never see this sign. I remember one developer made a library with choir and screams. And then people found that in some combinations they shout something offensive and religious in Persian or Arabic. We understand that you might be offended by this sign. We guarantee that this is just an accident. We just wanted to do graphic design in the spirit of Doom game. In addition, you can use the instrument by completely hiding this sign, using another part of guitar fretboard (with tune settings). We have always been thinking and believing that stylish graphic design and cool atmosphere help to draw inspiration from the instrument. After all, we could save money and just add white knobs and buttons on a black background. But our desire for cool graphic design this time led to such an incident. I do not know what else comments we can add. WA Team.
  10. Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. We used to be lurkers here and joined to post a couple of comments. This pentagram is just a decoration. Cabal 8 is created under the massive influence of the Doom game and its soundtrack, obviously. We are not close to satanism and do not wish to share its ideas. We are orthdox christians and people of science. Can't help but say at first we thought our instrument would work well for hard music genres only like djent or metal. But then we realized it works pretty well for many types of music genres like pop or even EDM. Take a note, we removed the pentagram from all of our elements. But it's too difficult to remove it from the main instrument.
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