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  1. I've been using the same version of the AGSJ guitar from AmpleSound successfully for a year, but suddenly Cakewalk can't find it when loading a project in which it has worked before. I'm on Cakewalk version 2021.12, build 102, 64-bit I've cross-posted to the AmpleSound forum, but the exception code pertains to Cakewalk, thus this post. I have four tracks using this plugin, only one fails. First I did a 3-hour scan of the hard drive for bad sectors, none found. Then I deleted the plugin file and re-installed, same issue, but with a different track. One time it also crashed the entire DAW, which saved a core dump (attached), along with the following notice: Cakewalk Plug-in Crash Dump (c:\program files\common files\VST3\AGSJ.vst3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dump File: C:\Users\ronne\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps\Plugins\_01122022_192207.dmp Exception Code: c0000005d Faulting Module: c:\program files\common files\VST3\AGSJ.vst3 App Version: User: ron IsPluginCrash: 1 Total Phys Mem 50322548 KB Avail Phys Mem 43877220 KB My OS info ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1 Installed on ‎7/‎7/‎2020 OS build 19043.1466 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0 _01122022_192207.dmp
  2. @John Vere But I don't want to click everything in the track. I want to click everything from a selected event onward, in a track that's a duplicate of another, but unlinked. That's the tremendous value of Shift-Alt-F6, or was.
  3. Argh, I left out a crucial detail in my original post. The behavior of selecting all tracks in addition to the one I'm working on only happens when selecting from Now to End using Shift-Alt-F6. Please see the video below. The behavior is identical whether Preferences -> Editing -> "Copy Entire Clips As Linked Clips" is set or not. The Shift-Alt-F6 command is one I use constantly and a major reason I use Cakewalk. Cakewalk Test.mp4
  4. I have many tracks of MIDI instruments (no audio). I want to insert one measure of silence in the middle, across all tracks. So I select everything in all tracks from a certain point to the end, and do one of two things: a) Process->Slide But this only gives an option for sliding events, not automation. b) Project -> Insert Time/Measures This slides automation along with events, but not everything. For example, it's sliding the volume automation lane but leaving my Kontakt Dynamics automation in the original location. How do I slide everything?
  5. Yes, using latest version. Go into PRV on track 2 before dragging the clip to the new position, and drag-select something, then press the delete key. Does it also delete within track 1?
  6. When I duplicate a MIDI instrument track, checking the "Events" box but NOT checking the "Link to original" box, it acts as if linked. That is, if I select MIDI events in the new track, it automatically selects the similar events in the original track. If I delete something in the new track, it's also deleted in the original. However, if I select both tracks and right-click, "Unlink" is greyed out, indicating the Cakewalk doesn't consider them linked but is behaving as if they are. If I delete a MIDI event in the new track using a left click in PRV, it works as desired, i.e. only deletes in that track. But that's a tedious way to go.
  7. I would like an option to turn off docking completely in views (piano roll, console, etc.). Currently you must remember to hold down the Ctrl key when moving the window upward on the screen.
  8. I use the Notes pane to work on lyrics. This is way before they're ready to be input as lyrics tied to the music. It's just a scratchpad. But I'm constantly having to close and open that pane to save the work-in-progress, and most importantly, I can't quickly scroll using the mouse wheel. Please make the Notes pane respond to the mouse wheel.
  9. Ronman

    How to never dock

    I use Ctrl-drag to tell the console/piano roll/staff view window to not dock when I'm dragging it upward on the screen. But it's a pain to always have to remember to press the Ctrl key. How can I tell Cakewalk to never, ever, even if I beg and scream, dock that window?
  10. I very commonly use Shift+Alt+F6 in Piano Roll view to select from the currently selected MIDI note to the end. That used to work. But lately, it selects within not only the current track but all tracks! A dangerous proposition. I haven't found anything in the manual about this. If I select within the track view, it works as expected, but not if selecting within the Piano Roll view.
  11. ...automatically, rather than dragging it and tediously trying to get it placed exactly right.
  12. I was told once on this forum that this can be done with Ctrl-dragging a clip to a new track. But when I do this the start times aren't enforced to be the same, i.e. I can drag left or right when dropping the copy in the new track. Unless Snap is on, but if the original track has pickup notes - doesn't start on a measure - then that won't work. What I want to do is similar to Duplicate Track, but for a single clip or however many clips are selected.
  13. I want to, for example, double a melody line (in MIDI) down an octave (or some other interval). How can I copy/paste events in the same track but instead of doubling what's there, paste down an active (or some other interval)?
  14. I figured it out. First run Find/Change to change the MIDI channel of the controllers in question to an unused channel. Then run the CAL program "Split Channel to Tracks" to send those to their own track. Set "First target track" to the last tracking being used, plus one. Then with some careful copy/pasting merge the controllers, now in their own track, back into the original track where they came from, track 2 in my case.
  15. That almost does it, except that Find/Change only allows me to change the channel, not the track. Both tracks use channel 1 for every event.
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