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  1. When I'm recording a rhythm guitar part it's distracting to hear it really loud in my headphones  but I don't want to turn down the input volume that I'm recording. I'm sure there's something simple I'm missing here.

  2. Appreciate the listen and comments @mark skinner, @Marshall, @steve@baselines.co, @Bajan Blue and @AndyB01

  3. When I first started writing songs they almost all had vocals and every one of them was a struggle to write. I have a ton of melody ideas but finding words is like pulling teeth and I don't really like most of the ones I came up with so instrumental writing is my path of least resistance but I do admire people that can do it.

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  4. Wow that's kind of a crazy piece! Great guitar playing for sure. It sounds like the levels of everything are so high that it is distorting is that an effect you were going for ?

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  5. My latest, featuring my Antigua Tenor sax and Yamaha NCX1 guitar, Ezdrummer 3 and ZZC PJ bass




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  6. Really cool song, very different. Like the sound of the drums and the arrangement.  It's cool that it doesn't sound like anybody else, which is always hard to do.

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  7. 26 minutes ago, steve@baselines.com said:

    Sounds really nice.  I agree with the comments about the high end.  It just might be my old ears but I think the master would benefit from a little more high.

    Thanks for the listen steve.  I did do some changes to my master but I haven't updated the video here, I appreciate the suggestions.

  8. Very nice, great vocal and great playing as always. I always find myself waiting to hear a little solo but you seem to avoid them.  It says there is a bass but I can't really tell, not that it needs it, it sounds great as is.

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