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  1.  Sounds like a cross between a harpsicord and guitar. I try to play keys on my midi guitar which sort of sounds like someone playing a keyboard but lacks the  feel of a real piano player.

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  2. Nice song. I like the rhythm change up in the chorus but I think it's too busy, it would sound better being a bit more simple.

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    A very beautiful song. Really nice vocals, you have a great voice. The instrumentation compliments it and doesn't get in the way.

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  3. Boy, there is a lot of details in there, very cool work. Great song and arrangement! I agree the bass could use improvement. Is it a real bass? I think a McCartney sound would be fantastic on this. He used a pick and a tube amp, it made a somewhat percussive sound that is so cool, you just don't hear that with bass anymore. I find bass sounds the toughest to get right.

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