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  1. Sounds good, still really like this song. The back ground vocals sound nice.
  2. KSband


    Thanks Douglas!
  3. KSband


    Thanks so much Wookie, Keith, Starise! I was looking at the settings in the addictive keys piano to see if I could get more of a stereo spread but I think I would have to use some other processer to do it.
  4. I enjoyed that. A lot of nice layers going on with some cool changes. Very relaxing vibe too.
  5. KSband


    You know I fooled around with a B3 for a while in the song before I stumbled across the synth I used. I couldn't get the organ to fit anywhere. Using my midi guitar for keys I don't have an expression pedal or midi switch to turn the leslie off and on. The leslie is the best thing about the B3. I was doing some reading this morning about midi switch boxes that will host a pedal, it's a bit confusing to me. I also would like it for the wah wah that's in my BiasFx2 plugin.
  6. I heard that drum hit too and it sounded out of place with an other wise great sounding recording. It almost sounds like a glitch but I know it's not.
  7. KSband


    Thanks a lot Nigel!
  8. KSband


    Thanks Bjorn,. It's the fishman midi wireless system. I had no luck with the jam origin.
  9. KSband


    Thanks a lot! Does the mix sound Ok to you?
  10. Good lyrics, I think we can all relate to that feeling of looking through some one's old photos.
  11. KSband


    https://www.bandlab.com/studedude/snowfall-2134564c Mellow Jazz Rock tune, featuring the midi guitar for keys and the old faithful es135 with BiasFx2. Not sure if it's done but it's close.
  12. I can see where your going with this one but I agree with Jack, the voices go out of tune with each other at times. If will sound much better if you can tighten that up.
  13. KSband


    Sounds very nice. The piano sits on it's own sounding sweet. Great sax and guitar too.
  14. Frank did not hold back, he played with a kind of abandon, I was hearing some of that. Nobody really sounds like Frank, Dweezil is close.
  15. KSband


    I play the song and imagine the drums playing in my head and then find the rhythm in my drum software that sounds like it. Sometimes I have to rearrange the kick and or snare to get what I want. Even when I get a good bass performance I find I need some minor moving of notes to align with the drums, really makes a song sound so much tighter when you do that and I find it kind of fun to do. Read up on audio transients in cakewalk editing. I like MEquilizer to dial in my rhythm guitar sounds, it's a free plugin. You can boost or cut a tone and then sweep it back and forth to find where it sounds good. If you haven't watched any creativesauce youtube cakewalk videos yet I found him really helpful to learn how to do things in cakewalk, he puts things in a simple understandable way.
  16. Wow, really great sounding track! The finger picking guitar comes through so nice, not in the way of the lead at all. Very good song!
  17. KSband

    Peace Be Still

    Very pretty and relaxing.
  18. KSband


    A great track. Really good playing and great guitar tones. Liked the harmonized stuff. On my phones the drums might be a little loud, I found the snare a bit of a focus point. Of course that is to taste. You guys are amazing, I'm a fan.
  19. Good song, has a hooky chorus.
  20. Really beautiful song. I feel like it's crying out for some congas and timbales. You come up with some very cool chord changes.
  21. KSband


    I like your song, it's pretty, nice chord changes. Sometimes the bass sounds slightly off the beat, but that's easy to fix in cakewalk. I think it would sound good if some drums came in in the middle of the song too (and or congas).
  22. I agree with the above comments, good song, sonically sounds flat. Maybe download a good sounding commercial track to your daw and play it and compare, that might help mix it.
  23. Your guitar solo reminds me of Frank Zappa. I like the guitar and piano left and right, sounds cool, good song. On my phones the bass and drums (maybe just the kick) sound kind of quiet. Good work!
  24. KSband


    I like the guitar sounds, good riffs. The drums sound thin to me but maybe that's what you are going for.
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