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  1. What a cool song! All kinds of sounds going on but not jumbled together, you can hear everything nice and clear. Great recording. Nice slide work too.
  2. KSband


    Thanks Lynn! When I found that sound in my BiasFx it was inspiring, makes me feel like Trower.
  3. KSband


    It sounds very mono tone. The guitar and piano are in the same space. I know you said before you want things to sound kind of flat.
  4. KSband

    Morning stars

    Nice relaxing tune, good tones.
  5. Pretty dark and different. Nicely recorded, it all sounds good.
  6. It does sound compressed. Very cool track though with great musicianship.
  7. It's a nice mellow groove. I think a melody on top of the groove would sound good.
  8. Cool, Zappa sounding. I've seen Dweezil's Zappa plays zappa a bunch of times and I could imagine them playing this.
  9. It's a rockin' song but it I'm not feeling the beat. The bass sounds thin on my system and to me the drums sound kind of thin too. I think if you could get the rhythm section punchy it would make it rock.
  10. Sounds cool, definitely has that modern prog rock sound.
  11. Nice song, very mellow groove. The piano and guitar sound kind of muffled though.
  12. I ran my HP diagnostics, deleted my cookies and cached stuff and then did a second reboot and it worked. Sounds like yours is doing what mine did.
  13. KSband


    did you fatten up the drums a little?
  14. KSband


    Pretty cool mix of funk, rock and jazz, sounds great!
  15. I think it sounds great, your done!
  16. I did some diagnostics and cache deletes and reboot and it started working, not sure which one fixed it.
  17. It starts, the small black cakewalk by bandlab appears but it just sits there with the little blue spinning circle. I tried the computer reboot but it didn't change it.
  18. KSband

    Part 5

    Cool groove sounds a little like stranger things soundtrack. I could imagine a guitar melody going over it with some distortion.
  19. KSband


    What did you change out, I have a hard time telling the difference, it still sounds good.
  20. Really great as always, lots of cool things going on and great playing. I do feel like the drums dominate to much, don't know if its the frequency or the volume but I feel like I want to focus on the amazing melodies and players but I can't ignore the drums.
  21. KSband


    I'll check it out, thanks.
  22. KSband


    Thank's Fred!
  23. Sounds good. Very relaxing.
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