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  1. Is it the fingers sliding across the strings? I do hear that, can't get rid of it without killing the tone of the guitar. I think I'll re- record the first part of the song and see if I can play it cleaner.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Jack, I tried to find drums that worked with this but every pattern sounded terrible so decided to leave it out.

    Tom, must be my old ears I can't hear any of it, I'll try cutting off some of the really high frequency.  

  3. I just solo'ed the bass and rhythm tracks and I can't hear it. There is a slight hum on the bass but it's subtle. I think your system must emphasize the frequency more than mine.

  4. You would think it would benefit the computer industry to make moving to a new PC seamless. I changed out my old PC lately and it was the usual computer hell for a number of days to get everything running.  I think I would ( I'm sure others too) would be more likely to upgrade if it were just a matter of plugging in a new machine.

    I want to upgrade to windows 11 but the fear of messing up all my cakewalk stuff is stopping me.

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  5. Thanks for the comments noynekker!  I used a guitar pick on the bass for that sound, never used one before, it totally changes the tone.  I'm using Ezdrummer for the first time on this project  and I agree the kick isn't my favorite. I sampled the available kicks and wasn't in love with any of them.  I can't say I love their symbol sounds either. The ride has a weird quality in a mix. I have been using Jamstix and I like it's kick and symbol sounds better but Ezdrummer is so much easier to work with. 

  6. This is a track I've been working on, I could use some opinions on the mix of the various instruments. I feel like I've been having a hard time getting the levels right. On my phones it sounds perfect and then on the monitors it sounds like the guitar is way to loud and bright.  Maybe the monitors are too harsh, they are Event 20/20's.  Been using an old Harman Kardon receiver in the standard stereo setting.


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