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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOO (not an acronym, at least, just Darth Vader's exclamation)
  2. Where is that popcorn gif when I need it most?? I don't hate on Fortnite like some seem to enjoy doing but if you are looking for a free to play game which also happens to be on Epic Games I'd opt for Rocket League personally.
  3. Looks like this was answered correctly. Your guitar is not part of the capture process. TONEX SE is free with TONEX Capture which is the absolute best pairing. And once released it should be a choice with select hardware I'll remind the team we usually add SE versions to that list and see what's up there. Not borrowed. Paid for it, cash money. I played it, it's a beast of an amp - sounds amazing. We don't typically borrow anything unless it is something like Dimebag's estate's gear that we can't keep for obvious reasons. You can see the full measurement process using the Dumble in our latest video posted this morning. Stompboxes can be measured either on their own or part of the chain. Right you can by the SE, regular, or MAX version and use the Tone Models across platforms.
  4. Of course, this is just a straight-up list. You can see the Tone Models in AmplITube TONEX (and AmpliTube) on the AmpliTube TONEX web page
  5. It is part of the AmpliTube ecosystem and we've only just begun - this brings in so many possibilities and things we already have plans for. But AmpliTube is still the analog-modeled gear vs capturing so they are different (yet work together). So both AmpliTube and TONEX will benefit long-term, 100%. AmpliTube and TONEX together strong
  6. Yes, it was an "in case you missed it" email In your defense I'm pretty sure it only used the acronym for that, which might not be 100% obvious for sure.
  7. In your case you'd use it as a "player" so yes. The list has some pretty sought-after gear captured, too, like the fabled Dumble Super Overdrive and a Klon (you can see both in some of the screenshots on the AmpliTube TONEX site too). Edit - plus whatever users share using the TONENET for AmpliTube TONEX platform.
  8. Gotcha. The 9.99 version is not listed on the 4-For-All page so it shouldn't qualify for entry (especially since there are really no 9.99 or lower options to choose from) so you'd want to choose a different 49.99 option. And to the other posts, yes APD is taking care of people due to not having the proper disclaimer posted on their site starting on the proper date... Good to see.
  9. Hopefully the site is more navigable and performs better, I quite like the changes.
  10. Edit - misread. Please work with IK Support if you have an issue but note that crossgrades and full versions are listed separately on the promo page for that reason but I don't see the 9.99 tier there.
  11. Thank you. I'd love to and I'm tempted but then I look in the mirror to check how many bite marks I have on my ***** for stating dates and I cannot.
  12. *not one of the "holy grails" of supreme rarity that I was discussing but very cool nonetheless*
  13. I don't know, or I can talk to people here too but note the choices I mentioned above would be 39.99 or less.
  14. Note that there's also this on every promotion, so what support has replied to others here is correct: And if this was part of the deal you'd have choices of 39.99 or below which are SampleTank instruments I would guess many of you already have.
  15. That's an assumption and incorrect. Our rep has contacted APD to get the information about this exclusion posted as was originally planned with them.
  16. Also more concerned that his family in Kentucky are OK and that he's doing well in general. I definitely understand taking a break from forums when confronted by some of you *************s (don't try to decipher that, it's not a real word censored, and just kidding of course you are all fantastic and I love you) But seriously, first and foremost he and family are hopefully all doing well and maybe he'll be back because I certainly enjoyed interacting with him here both in the threads and via PM. He has more than enough thoughts about IK and is happy to share them but he's not a jerk toward me personally even if I may have taken it that way just that one time or two.
  17. I believe that was due to the changing to the CS/SE/full model but I also believe that you'd still be all set. I'll have to check with Ryan/Support, as there are some FAQs but none get as specific about the kits at least not in this context so I understand. In other words, I think the system gets a little funked up for some that had the pre-CS setup but I'll have to get more details on that. At least I know there are some FAQs and they can't point me to any that I haven't seen (I hope) or tell me to RTFM
  18. I have my moments, but I'm still here. That sounded more harsh than I intended if it seemed like it was my swan song, I just wanted to clarify that there's more than one way to find the "holy grail" of tone. I love both real hardware and the great "virtual" tech we have now, so I really don't take sides in that context and I didn't mean to sound like I was joining in what was referred to as a pissing contest but I guess I got myself in there. Hope y'all avoided any splash damage 😆
  19. If anybody has any issue or question about something IK Support had done or said, please reply to the ticket for clarification and they'll be happy to explain specifically pertaining to your issue, install, system, etc. Thanks!
  20. You will not be charged for bug fixes that are in either application/plugin or sound updates. A sound reactivation is only required if you haven't backed up your sound libraries (if you need to reinstall, most times you'll have these expanded already - I know I've been using the same external drive with my expanded sounds for about a decade - works either connected to or transferred to any new install).
  21. And someone doesn't know what we have or don't have, we haven't released everything yet... And of course we don't have YOUR holy grail which is why I hope I said some holy grail gear because there are multiple and we have some. We already bought and modeled a holy grail mastering EQ, we have the rare 1953 Bassman from the video and that's not even what I was talking about, and some one-of-a-kind gear that nobody else has (one of our T-RackS models is one, but that's not the only one-of-a-kind item we have). I'm glad you're happy with what you have and consider the holy grail for your needs and who you know etc but I was just saying that you don't know what we have and got a bit abrasive about it which I thought was a bit much. Sorry, but I'm known to speak openly here and I'm sure you're a great person and obviously knowledgeable but you came at me a bit hard there, no? Anyway, I can't wait to release more of the great gear from our private amp vault. Edit - lo and behold I did say "some holy grail gear"... I'm sorry that seemed offensive, I wasn't trying to one-up what you your friend has.
  22. Of course it will be better if you use something that is capable of reamping like AXE I/O which I mentioned (the reamping part). And absolutely sure that last statement isn't necessarily/likely true. We have access to some amazing amps including some real holy grail gear. We've spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on gear and rarely get rid of anything.
  23. I loved the original Unreal Tournament most, we used to play it after hours when I was working IT. Loved those 3DFX Voodoo 3 cards! Running two using SLI was something to make people envious. So many games back then had amazing soundtracks. Yes, games today have pretty epic soundtracks (pun intended) but there's just something about some of the raw perfect soundtracks back then.
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