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  1. Agreed, I don't think general announcements about policies are a bad idea, they should help avoid posts that do not fit the current rules. Why would you want to create more work and make moderation of the forum you enjoy far less efficient? I say this as someone affected (you obviously won't see direct deal postings from me now that I see that post, no biggie I understand) and as someone who agrees with the no affiliate links rule too. Especially with the precedent set by the most prolific deal poster here who never posted affiliate links even though he could have if he wanted to make a "cut" from the work done to post all of these deals. I just hope to see others follow the rules if they are devs/companies and hope there aren't others who don't wear an affiliation to a company on their sleeve which is something I'm proud to have made a condition of my employment at IK from the start (about 13 years ago) and something which I feel strongly about in general. Now you won't see direct deals posted by me (unless I have a brain fart which can happen time to time and I expect to get admonished accordingly if that happens) but anything I post will clearly be from IK officially and I think that's even more powerful when the ability to post deals "for profit" or have products in dev/company signatures. So in short, even those affected seem to think it is a good thing. Basically TL;DR I respectfully disagree with OP even though I'm affected directly.
  2. Looks like that will definitely be the case even more so going forward based on that new sticky post. Thank you. I hope nobody considers thanking a user for kind words as "free advertising" lol
  3. Yes, we put release notes for each update in IK Product Manager.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. With this, previous freebies, and the Halloween Sale I really need to get the Epic games to launch on my Steam Deck. Been too busy (maybe also lazy) to do so at this point.
  5. TONEX 1.0.2 and AmpliTube 5.5.1 are out! Please update both using IK Product Manager, and then start TONEX 1.0.2 first to make sure your library.db is initialized properly and then you can start and use AmpliTube 5.5.
  6. Sorry I missed this. They don't sync across machines currently but you should be able to export from TONEX. If that isn't helpful I'd reach out to support with more details and they may have a better solution/recommendation.
  7. CS users can only download 20 user Tone Models. You can't download from the Premium Tone Models (from SE/standard/MAX) so no, a free CS user is not going to be able to grab a bunch of Dumble and Klon models for their 20 free choices. We are not selling these a la carte, so if a Premium Tone Model is in one of the versions (SE/standard/MAX) you'd need to purchase that version in order to get those Tone Models. There's a full list of gear which includes information about in which version they are included on the site.
  8. The user Tone Models are getting rave reviews from other users, it is worth checking out ToneNET as there's some really good stuff up there already.
  9. You get 20 models included in TONEX CS. These are free Tone Models of various types. You can see which ones are in which version on the posted list on the TONEX web pages. That should help. They should be readily available in the list of Tone Models at the bottom of the TONEX software interface.
  10. You find user Tone Models on the TONEX section of ToneNET. Indeed and agreed. It is like I have phantom pain in my foot being unable to have the TONEX stomp Tone Models in there. It is coming, though, I was just talking about this in a meeting and it is known that this should be in there.
  11. There will be a stomp slot for TONEX Tone Models in a future update. You should see your 20 models in the browser inside the TONEX software. Are you seeing no models or many (or something else)?
  12. If you see that message which should be created programmatically, you should be able to click it to see the details on the PayPal multiple payment options. Edit - If you are getting that $50 coupon I'll bet that is taking your total below the minimum for multiple payments.
  13. Sorry about that if you could give me your ticket number I'll let our Support Manager know you didn't hear back. But for any cabinet connections you'd want to use speaker cable for sure. So to/from cabinet would be where you'd use speaker cables otherwise I'd recommend using the cables the gear would normally use (so TS for amp input, etc). Reminds me I need a bunch more of both as well as balanced cables, MIDI cables and more for the patchbays. Oh yeah and XLR cables and more balanced cables for the "jam area" I'm putting in the front room. IT NEVER ENDS
  14. Jason is one of my favorite AmpliTube users and guitar YouTubers, I'm glad he has TONEX Capture and soon TONEX software.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. I already have this on Steam (and will be compatible with my Steam Deck that I finally was able to order, I believe) and Xbox but I'll still put this in the ol' Epic library for a rainy day or whatever.
  16. With regard to the first impressions video, many have complimented the Fender Princeton tone there. Note that is a Tone Model captured in that non-optimal trade show space right there during the Expo. So have faith that users can certainly capture their gear at home with great results if they so desire.
  17. Somewhere between 00:00 and 23:59, choose either eastern US or Italian time zones
  18. For those asking about a release date:
  19. Getting closer, here are some thoughts from artists who used TONEX at a recent expo:
  20. Minus JamPoints on our site, too. Pretty good deal.
  21. You can now explore over 1,000 TONEX Tone Models of rare and sought-after gear for guitar and bass players on ToneNET
  22. That's a US/Canada Labor Day sale, not permanent pricing. Today is the last day for those (and the other hardware on sale in the US/Canada like the iLoud Micros and MTM as well as the SE software deal).
  23. You'll believe it when you hear it and we took fair scientific measurements. We'll have a list of places where you can hear them up soon.
  24. But they were not usable on sale items before, until we made them usable on things like software that's already marked down $110
  25. Or any other company in our space except some indies? OK, as long as we're being realistic and realizing IK is far from the only company that has sales going most days...
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