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  1. Yes, looks like the plan is still to be an in-person event. I'll have my second shot by then, at least...
  2. Custom Shop is required for managing your gear (try/buy/restore/etc). It doesn't need to be opened ever, unless you need to perform one of those tasks.
  3. We haven't excluded Gear Credits in promotions on products that are available for Gear Credits and JamPoints can be (and frequently are) used when purchasing Gear Credit packs so I don't know how they're "useless"?
  4. It is AmpliTube 5 SE. You can see details about what that includes/entails on the AmpliTube 5 web page (there are charts and lists of gear, etc). Thanks!
  5. As others have stated and per the news, presets are coming later (as was the case in the last iteration if memory serves).
  6. It would be double dipping as you can use JamPoints toward your initial purchase of Gear Credits. Same as above 🙂 Yes, that is why they cannot be combined as you would use JamPoints on your purchase of the Gear Credits themselves. We have the general information about JamPoints posted at http://www.ikmultimedia.com/jampoints/ There's also an FAQ "Are JamPoints and Custom Shop Gear Credits the same thing?" at https://www.ikmultimedia.com/faq/index.php?id=1082 That states: "You can also use JamPoints towards a purchase of a Gear Credit pack to increase savings, which will discount your total. For steps on how to purchase Gear Credits using your JamPoints, please click here."
  7. Though this is a Cakewalk forum, I guess I could make it a non-dupe and point out you also get AmpliTube 5 SE (and T-RackS 5 SE) free with Pro Tools https://www.avid.com/pro-tools/loyalty-rewards
  8. Yes this filters out presets that have gear you do not own (or corresponding to however you have the Gear Selector set).
  9. Up to 80% off Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Through May 3, IK is offering up to 80% off the incredibly realistic and lush sounds of Miroslav Philharmonik 2 for Mac/PC and iOS. Join us for Spring Strings as we celebrate the brighter days ahead to a beautiful soundtrack. Miroslav Philharmonik 2 is a sweeping vision from a master artist embodied in a new virtual instrument that brings the orchestra to life. Each of its instruments features multiple musical articulations played by real musicians with the kind of "live" feeling that only a master conductor can provoke. From flowing legatos to animated pizzicatos, from aggressive spiccatos to elegant staccatos, and from the subtlest pianissimo to the most triumphant fortissimo, Miroslav Philharmonik 2 gives you the power to draw raw musical feeling and emotion from every note. Miroslav Philharmonik 2 is all of these things and more, working as a multi-platform plug-in or as a standalone application. And now you can make it yours for up to 80% off! Visit our Online Store or Apple's App Store today to take advantage of IK's Spring Strings sale. Discounted IK Music Software: Miroslav Philharmonik 2 - $/€499.99 $/€99.99* Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Crossgrade - $/€299.99 $/€99.99* *Gear Credits accepted as payment on these titles Save on the following in-app purchases in SampleTank CS or SampleTank for iPhone or iPad: Miroslav Philharmonik 2 All Sounds Pack - $64.99 $12.99 Although IK strives to provide accurate product and pricing information, unintentional pricing or typographical errors may occur. IK reserves the right to correct, change or update information such as pricing, availability and product descriptions, at any time without notice. In-app purchase and app pricing is shown in USD, your territory pricing will vary based on Apple's App Store pricing model. In-app purchase and app pricing will be valid during the dates of the promotion in your local App Store's time zone. Please see your regional pricing in the Store menu in each app. Sale through May 3, 2021.
  10. For those not set to English and/or outside of the Americas: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?id=PowerReelsKrazyDeal2021
  11. Presets aren't huge files, so there would be no limit. Also, this isn't just our presets or those from artists like these (which will still get made, not only for AmpliTube 5 but we also have some coming for some other products that are quite nice.
  12. We will have an integrated preset sharing system coming. I happen to have just watched a video showing its features last night. That said, the installation rtf should explain the quick process of copying presets to the correct folder that is currently required.
  13. Thanks for posting! I enjoyed playing around with these over the past few days to see how they sound and they are quite nice! In case anybody here is from outside of North America and/or has their language set to something other then English, this link is more universal: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/id=SlashFreePresets2021
  14. LOL someone is making assumptions I see. If only you were privy to the figures of what we've sold for AmpliTube 5 from release until now (well I report on it weekly so I know off the top of my head as of through last Thursday... and there are a lot of digits. To the left of the decimal.). I hope IK doesn't occupy so much real estate in your mind for a long time, that seems unhealthy. I probably shouldn't point out how successful a product is selling as it probably makes that plot of real estate grow even more, but unfortunately I must dispel such misinformation when I see it. If you need a mentor to also explain some of the marketing benefits of offers such as you see here with Thomann and IK, I suppose I could also spare some time but I'd also ask that you share exactly what issues you have with IK that cause an unhealthy obsession as a nice trade in kind.
  15. You shouldn't need AmpliTube 4 installed, AmpliTube 5 will pick up what you have. I doubt it would end up unlimited, but I'm trying to get this policy reconsidered and changed in some way.
  16. We do not limit the number of times you can download within the 180 days. Sorry for the boldface text but I needed to counter boldface misinformation. Our support team also understands when bad things happen to those who have done their best to back up as recommended. Similar to how some companies with time or frequency limits will consider cases made to them when such bad things happen and/or the use case mentioned by Fleer above.
  17. IK Product Manager is the simple single procedure for which you're asking. You don't need to touch Authorization Manager (it's mainly for legacy purposes) or Custom Shop at all to install and authorize AmpliTube 5 (the current version, thus 4 might need any legacy tools as mentioned). Custom Shop is there for trying/buying of gear purposes. All you need to do is use IK Product Manager to install and authorize your AmpliTube 5 and other products. If you have an issue where that is not happening, the IK Support team would be happy to assist you to find out what's going on. And of course you need to install and authorize on a second system. It isn't a dongle, so you'll need to use IK Product Manager to do so on the second system. Lindsey Buckingham was a surprise to see as a MESA recto user for me.
  18. People also tend to be surprised (with the real amp, and the virtual equivalent) of the clean headroom in the rectifiers too. But I love the non-rectos in this collection quite a lot, I'd say I prefer those overall for myself too.
  19. Yes, it qualifies because the MSRP is over 99.99... If you already have IK products 99.99+ you can just crossgrade to the full version if that's what you want. I must not have explained clearly because if someone already paid 99.99 they definitely did pay more than if you pay 39.99 for a product that qualifies as a product worth 99.99+ and then crossgrade. Basically, it would only apply if this is your first IK product. Otherwise, crossgrading directly based on what you already have would be the more cost effective option. Buying a smaller version or gear piecemeal/a la carte is always going to have pros and cons vs buying full/MAX versions at once. I'm saying that I'll see if there's any option to give a special offer to people who participated in this promotion, similar to those with a bit of "buyer's remorse" who bought a version of AmpliTube 5 that wasn't the MAX version but ended up wanting MAX after they started using AT5 in earnest. We've been able to help accommodate those folks in some ways if they contact IK Support. If you own Total Studio 2 MAX and want MODO DRUMS (full) you might want to consider what else you'd get with Total Studio 3 MAX as that would end up at 299.99 using MAXgrade and the $200 coupon. As always, it depends on what you really want - you may not need the rest of the products you'd end up with in that case for the extra $100.
  20. You'd qualify for the crossgrade which, combined with the 39.99 sale price in this promotion would be less than the full MODO DRUM. I'll put in a request for a special offer to those who participated in this promotion who would like to upgrade (similar to what our team has been able to offer those who purchased AmpliTube 5 but then realized they really wanted AT5 MAX).
  21. I already apologized for digging in the dirt in that TS3 thread after basically being called mentally deficient as I shouldn't have responded in kind. You continue to have a beef with me and IK and I've offered to speak about that one-to-one but I haven't heard from you. Stop being vague, be direct as a mod requested - I'm sorry if someone not bending to your vague (or rare direct) commentary doesn't work for you. You and a few others have made it clear that you don't feel I'm welcome here when I don't break any rules. I was going to take that as a cue to leave, but it isn't great for the many others who aren't taking every opportunity to jab at me and IK while ignoring offers to help by speaking with you directly. There's an ignore function on this forum that you can use if you don't like seeing my posts. Otherwise if I've broken rules, you can report posts and mods will take care. I've never been "protected", that's frankly a silly accusation.
  22. Even though I see there's some doubling down, I still stick by my apology for contributing to the opposite of the Dude-like vibe. To help make up for it, I will hint at another move officially done on purpose since I just changed prices for the same reason the video and pages for TS3 were opened so something is also going on promo announced tomorrow. What it is is coded in my message. But seriously. Sorry, I shouldn't dig in the dirt. I think many will be happy with the additional savings on TS3 when the announcement is made (basically when the news is up and emails will be sent but the news will be visible before most get emails) so I'm glad to have mentioned that here and have not done so elsewhere.
  23. And in the other direction too, so please include me in that statement. Regardless of what type of post I was responding to I also did not contribute to the generally positive (and might I say normally Dude-like) spirit either. My apologies for dragging.
  24. When you are basically called mentally deficient, it isn't "badge flashing" it's responding/rebutting. I see we'll get the pile on happening now... I know some here aren't fans, so please do have at it. Or message me (I'll get a notification in my email) and I'd be happy to try to sort out whatever issue you do have with IK.
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