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  1. Did anybody pick 25? That would be the entry we should all hope wins! Let me PM you with how many entries for that free MIDI controller
  2. I'm hoping so based on my entry but trend-wise it looks like it's going to need some help to get there. Edit - and I know many here are already in more than once and have spread the word, I meant generally we need more people buying in.
  3. Correct, free/NFR products do not qualify for the 25th Anniversary Group Buy as noted on the group buy web page. This giveaway is one free. Not up to 25 free...
  4. The "assistance" is likely us sending an incredible number of emails and the next couple of days get a bit of a bump... Occam's Razor and such.
  5. I don't just quote Beatles lyrics, I change them. Just FYI And I'm in charge of some things, but not tech support. I've relayed the issue that's being discussed and it is being addressed on the site and if anybody feels an exception should be made based on circumstances of their order, that can be handled in the support ticket.
  6. The UNO Synth Pro Editor is now available. Squids did a quick overview of the UNO Synth Pro Editor from the IK US studio:
  7. 450 And above, I forgot the little coda! Her majesty's a pretty nice girl But she didn't join the group buy Her majesty's a pretty nice girl But this attitude's not going to fly I wanna tell her that I want the whole lot But I gotta get a bellyful of rye Her majesty's a pretty nice girl Someday I'm going to make her buy, oh, yeah Someday I'm going to make her buy [end on the 5, Macca you *****]
  8. And when you spend... The plugs you buy Are going to multiply OK OK might be done now
  9. But her brother should be joining us soon: Mean Mister Mustard sleeps in the park, shaves in the dark trying to save paper. Sleeps under the British sky. Saving up to join the group buy. Keeps two pennies for his eyes.* Such a keen old man. *[morbid but figured another Beatles reference couldn't hurt]
  10. She so good-lookin', eggs don't stick to the pan Edith: Or to honor the person who inspired the song's titular character "She so good lookin all wrapped in Saran"
  11. If we'd only model the ADA MP-1 I stupidly sold a long time ago, I'd say just use that But with AmpliTube 5 I'd say you could probably get that tone nicely with the Satriani pack. His amps are great and versatile and he of course also more than dabbled in that type of tone in his time too.
  12. 16 pedals in one. $9 and change for each. Of course you don't need to buy them, but they're a great way to demo the hardware pedals for free while you can't physically do so (another much-requested feature) and you'd get these free with the hardware pedals. And considering we've been around for 25+ years and have had times where we were able to double or triple our business, I guess we're smoking the good stuff? 🤣
  13. And fixes and features, including the much-requested spillover.
  14. If you have something as part of a bundle/MAX or similar that wouldn't be greyed out. Edit - or free/giveaway/NFR.
  15. People aren't living paycheck to paycheck per se, it is just natural for people to be more "spendy" on non-essentials on or near payday. That is the way the system is set up so people don't pick up things by mistake, have to open a ticket, wait, etc. If something is not showing up, it likely is not in that pricing tier that you are choosing.
  16. Just wanted to let you all know AmpliTube 5 has been updated to 5.1. This mostly adds the virtual X-GEAR pedals (which are free with their hardware equivalent or available for purchase on their own) which is a great way to try the algorithms without having the actual pedal in front of you. What's new in AmpliTube 5.1 Added virtual X-GEAR pedals for demo and purchase in AmpliTube 5 via the Custom Shop including X-DRIVE, X-VIBE, X-TIME and X-SPACE. Spillover is now implemented in all reverb and delay effects (the effect's tail persists when the gear is bypassed). Full news X-GEAR pedals
  17. Finally kicking in again. I was hoping I wouldn't have to change my prediction. Another nail-biter was expected but that dip yesterday/last night was not the kind of nail-biter I had expected. And some people will get paid tomorrow so I'd expect a little bump there too.
  18. Oh yes, thank you for reminding me about that. I'll have to figure out how to send you some proper taste buds
  19. 25,000 JK. Let's see where we get this month especially if we see another mad rush near the end of the month.
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