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  1. That's why it is sold in bulk to businesses. Again, this is not a consumer product. A company would buy enough units for its employees (or visitors if they run a business/space open to the public) so they can reopen when possible while maintaining social distancing. It isn't for individuals. Unfortunately this is for maintaining space, so it would be more like an ever-full pipe for said bass player!
  2. We created this for ourselves so we could reopen and make sure we were following the requirements of distancing. We are the main use case for it and knew that it would be useful for other companies (definitely many - probably most - outside of the music industry). The price may seem steep if you are thinking it is made for home use but one look at https://www.safespacer.net and you can see for whom this is for.
  3. In this video, the talented Mr Zabbini creates a piece with only SampleTank 4 CS (free) sounds:
  4. We are now shipping the ARC 3 software + microphone boxed bundle.
  5. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/faq/index.php?id=44 This contains the information and steps to perform a license transfer and mentions that products purchased with Gear Credits are not transferable.
  6. True, I've curtailed that but perhaps I should with games. Though with regard to games I am able to share my Steam library (legally) with a family member who can spend more time playing any of the hundreds of games there.
  7. True and with any Steam keys or Epic Games unlocks you can choose not to install them right off the bat so you can see your massive backlog without having the temptation of yet another game to play before being done with the ones in progress. Though I have a ton of different games in progress, including replays so I don't know when I'll ever get to these. I mainly game on PC now instead of console so I'm replaying Carmageddon Max Damage to get the completionist achievements there, and helping an IK colleague get through Borderlands 2 while leveling up yet another character of mine there because why not?
  8. Never played this one, have you? I'll get it because I pick all of these free games up but still Epic seems to be rocking out the free games regularly too. And on Steam I think yesterday was the last day to get Shogun V (but maybe it is today).
  9. We have another tutorial video out (the first is linked in the description) too:
  10. Syntronik is not included in SampleTank 4 and uses its own samples. Please run the official installer for Syntronik and its sounds and if you have issues the support team can help at the link posted above. Thank you.
  11. Using the official installers should require no scripting, should see the multis for the appropriate product, etc. If you are not experiencing this, please let IK Support know at http://www.ikmultimedia.com/contact-support/ and they will be able to assist you and get you where you need to be. As far as general installation comments, we have posted in multiple places that a new download/install/authorization manager is coming. Stay tuned for news on that. If you aren't having problems but are requesting features, the official wish list threads on the IK Forum are where those can be posted and seen by the right people. Thank you.
  12. Yes, but if you're new to SampleTank 4 with the new free SampleTank 4 CS (in which this runs) it is quite a deal for a very useful suite of different categories of synth sounds.
  13. If you're going after accuracy, this story (posted on our site) comes to mind : We basically modeled the circuit so precisely that we also recreated a fault that should really only typically happen with actual hardware... At least it wasn't what old-school computer folks call HACF error (Halt And Catch Fire - this acronym from early computing days is why that TV show is named the same way).
  14. Sorry didn't realize my input was necessary. If you already have the Tiny Terror, be it in the Collection or purchasing it a la carte, you already have it so it won't be added again to your account.
  15. True and I really was joking. I wouldn't be here 10+ years if I wasn't enjoying myself. Of course that segues nicely into KVR as I'll admit that's probably the only thing that's nearly broken me over those 10+ years. There has been some nastiness for sure, with a marked improvement lately even if it still can seem a bit heated compared to somewhere like here. I did have the advantage of an existing rapport with many users there pre-IK as I believe I had 4,000+ posts before my IK tenure started. Another tangent is that I stipulated to both KVR and IK that I must be able to use a separate and clearly-branded IK username as would any IK rep in the future. Glad to stick to that, though I really could have made that 4K post count SO much higher otherwise. Either way, "sock puppets" were a huge problem back then (and some argue still are, but I think it is far better now) so I didn't want to get associated with anything like that and wanted to remain above board.
  16. I honestly had no idea what it meant but still loved it and ran with it so that's probably worse! I didn't think I was the butt of a joke here, though, since I tend to hang here enough to get the inside jokes and the general vibe. Thank you for the kind words, too. I certainly like THOSE vibes. Who wouldn't?? Ah wow, I've only lived in places with single digit sales tax. I was sad to hear that you thought I took it negatively, I really did love it. Even if I didn't fully understand it. I also figured folks like @Fleer could run with something like that. No matter my affiliation or what I'm probably not supposed to laugh at - this was legitimately funny to me. 1 chortle well-earned. But also seriously taking a note from this too. I'm glad you're re-examining SampleTank 4 a bit. *start cloaking from my management* With the latest update, SamleTank 4 CS sound library, and the Editor, I feel that even we started getting the most out of the power of our own software. That's not a dig, it is a deep bit of software really and they had time to really take lots of notes so it isn't like they've "finally learned" our own software but still... the stride has been hit much better at this time *end cloaking* About that impressive tenure using IK products, *start cloaking again* Imagine working for them for 10+ years! *end cloaking*. But seriously, that's cool, I believe my first use of IK products was AmpliTube 2. It was around the time my colleagues from Berklee who were working in the industry in some major studios were still telling others "don't fear the amp sim" and things like "everybody uses them" etc. I can't comment on the KVR thread, I commented some matter-of-fact, well, facts about what is in Total Studio 2 MAX and the flagship MAX products and how that information can be found on our site (and how it is almost identical to how a large well-known bundle does it) and I don't think I was a jerk about it so I'm not sure if anybody ended up getting offended by that. I ended up coming here and Gearslutz after that (and started here this morning) so now I'm not looking forward to revisiting there but KVR is KVR, I understand how it's different there than here, GS, and some other forums. Another reason it is best to save that visit for last for me There are indeed some gold to be mined among the rest of the mess in most threads there though, I agree with that point. Keep me/us posted and we'll go from there.
  17. I'm sorry I am laughing so it worked. I took it as lighthearted and somewhat absurdist and love it. I don't think you are accusing me of being a horse (a horse, of course of course). I just liked the theme and ran with it. But wait, does that now make me the horse's *****? Dang it! (seriously, I'm taking these shots at my own expense not implying you think this so we're all good). Also, I'm currently confused quite a lot more than usual but I'm clearly just enjoying your post to the max and probably beating a dead horse with the references. OK that was the last one. I promise.
  18. We have offline authorization so you'd still need to utilize that process but after that you should be good to go. I believe the instructions are in the Installation & Authorization Manual and in our FAQ.
  19. I'd say with regard to those moments where the traction slips that "I'm only human" but I believe I've been outed as otherwise. Willllburrrrr
  20. Trust me, we wouldn't charge it if we didn't have to and I guess I have to state "this is my personal opinion" but I probably wouldn't be met with disagreement from my colleagues saying it sure isn't "value added". Heck, here in the States we don't like single-digit % sales tax and frankly we seem to forget the roots of our country with regard to taxation. I think on this side of the pond, it's the "with representation" that can be muddy.
  21. Thank you. While I may or may not be Mr Ed, I also was not clear in my reply for a few reasons. One being that Eric is straight up 100% legit - heck we even exchange ointment recommendations elsewhere in public so we're all good! - so I should just let go of replying to aggressive misinformation that sideswipes him due to being used as a tool for something technically nefarious but also technically not his fault.
  22. Thank you for the kind words. Speaking of being helpful (and sincere apologies that I don't recall offhand) but if you would like to PM me with your other reasons I can offer at least listening and relaying and at best a resolution or pathway to it. No guarantees because my aging mind isn't fully recalling the issues But please do feel free to hit me up via PM any time.
  23. Edit not worth it since you don't understand the law if you don't think it is "fair". It doesn't have to do with us, it has to do with your government and the retailer you chose to use to evade taxes. Again, not our "business terms with our dealers" but your government's terms with people who sell to those who live under their governance. It's not that hard to understand. You are "paying 27% extra just because you're based in Europe" because of your government. Take it up with them. ...and we follow the letter of the law with transfer fees and every other aspect of our business. You don't need to resort to misinformation just because I'm stated facts that you don't agree with or which don't suit your evading of taxes.
  24. Great to hear! Sorry I was this guy:
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