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  1. Jim Green

    Bread of Life

    Here is the link to my latest uTube music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUcjRotS10Q&list=PL4eZ_hka1W6YRER9NKvay8E2O6M7tndBu For the best viewing experience, set the quality to HD and plug headphones into your computer. If you do that, lower the volume, then adjust to your liking. I hope you like it. My song "Bread of Life" for this video came from my album, "Story of the Word" It is free at: (just click the play button by each song) https://jimgreen1.bandcamp.com/album/story-of-the-word
  2. I've given up the idea of making any money with my music. I finished my last album in July of 2021 and decided it was a waste of money for cd's because they were too hard to distribute, and who listens to cd's anymore unless they have a car stereo that takes them? Does anyone sit at home and listen to an album CD on their stereo system anymore? Not many, I guess. Instead, I distributed it online through Bandcamp and none of the other services like Spotify, iTunes, etc. As sort of a marketing test, I sent emails to everyone I could think of in my area to invite them to the Bandcamp page for my album, and said don't pay for the album--- just click the play button next to a song. I also pleaded with them to not listen through their laptop speakers, but connect a pair of headphones to get the best stereo experience. At Bandcamp, there is a tab at the webpage with a bar graph for statistics, showing partial plays and complete plays for all the songs in the album. There was only one complete play through all the songs. I confirmed with the friend who did this. He bothered to go and find a pair on headphones stored in a drawer, connect them to his laptop, and listen to the complete album. He even told me which song he liked the best. I'm guessing that the ones that only made it through part of a song before giving up listened through their laptop or smartphone speakers, or those little earbuds. Hearing a partial mix with no bass frequencies sounds terrible, so why would they appreciate all the work I put into producing, mixing and mastering the songs. All of this begs the question: Is there a much smaller percentage of people listening to music than 50 years ago because they expect it to sound good through their laptop speakers or smartphones with earbuds? Also, there is no concept of what an album is anymore. I don't want to start on another song writing project unless I can find someone to collaborate with; maybe some musician with some marketing experience. Instead, I am enjoying live guitar and piano playing to hundreds of songs in Band in a Box 2022 that sounds incredible through my home system. Thank you for listening to my rant.
  3. I have the stock factory presets with Synthmaster 2.9. I am interested in patches with these codes in the prefix: KY, Key, KB, SY, PLK I want to achieve percussive keyboard parts like a piano, but with a lot of processing-- especially velocity and cutoff modulation. Any ideas on expansion packs to get?
  4. Bizarre. After doing the reset and re-scan plugins, and configure as synth, now all the XLN products were corrupted in Studio One as well as Cakewalk. The XLN updater was corrupted as well after trying to remove and add my computer. (which I had done already right after the Windows 10 1809 changer-over) So I took the huge plunge and restored an image from Windows 10 1803 using Acronis True Image. Now everything is working as normal. I'll wait for Windows 10 1903 before upgrading my operating sytsem . That took all day, but I am relieved.
  5. I tried all the suggestions-- still no fix to the problem. I did some performance tweeks recently like optimize for background services, not programs. But I did nothing to the registry. Everything is running correctly in Studio One where I'm currently running a project, so I don't want to re-install plugins. I did re-install Cakewalk by Bandlab, but still no solution. I'm not using this program much anymore, so I will just leave it alone.
  6. I'm getting this strange problem after upgrading windows 10 from 1803 to 1809. Two of my vsti instruments (Synthmaster player and Addictive Drums 2) are now listed in my audio effects in the browser instead of in the instruments section. So now my projects for those instruments start up with the error message, "plugin not found". Also, Addictive Keys will not load-- I get an error message asking me to run the XLN installer again. This instrument is found in the instrument section in the browser. All of these instruments load correctly in Studio One 4, by the way. Those are the only plug-in problems I have found so far.
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