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  1. Based on what I saw in the email, this looks to be more along the lines of something like Loopcloud, ADSR Sample Manager, Cosmos, etc. though could be more like MPC or Maschine.
  2. https://gumroad.com/a/847520883/waasf Limited to 500 sales. Use code: Batwaffel Now hosted on Gumroad rather than Bandcamp. This is an affiliate link.
  3. In this case, it's expected. These are plugin versions of synths that are in their current hardware lineup that sell for $800 each. I actually really like this idea. I got rid of a lot of my hardware synths years ago; many of them were Korg, because I didn't want to keep taking up space with them. This gives me the ability to have their current synths at a fraction of the cost and no loss of space other than on my hard drive.
  4. Biggest release they've done in a while and you guys thought it would be a smooth transition? Are you guys new or something? I'm kidding, give it some time. Their servers are getting blasted right now and probably will be for the next few days but they will get everything sorted and everyone will get their upgrades.
  5. I have a similar site going up soon in a different format. Will update when it's closer to completion.
  6. IK support has always been rubbish, imo. They do everything in their power to be as unhelpful as they can including blaming the customer for the issues they are having. There is little to no accountability with them. I never recommend them to anyone and refuse to post them anywhere because of their anti-consumer practices. They are well aware; they just don't care. Plenty of better products out there now.
  7. What's really fun is getting through your emails and then looking back and seeing 150 more have appeared. That was pretty much every hour this black friday. It was absurd and irritating because some companies were sending 3-4 different emails a day as well.
  8. It does seem strange but in my case, I started my community for two reasons: I have a lot of developers who are very good friends who I personally have seen affected by piracy. Many people don't seem to understand that this isn't a multi-billion dollar film industry and that the production industry is actually very niche and filled mainly with normal people making products they hope to sell enough copies of to get by on. More than one of my friends have had to close up shop when their products stopped selling. I'm also not interested in any moral debate on the topic so I will leave it at that. The second was to introduce people to the fact that they could indeed occasionally afford many of these products on a budget. At first, this whole thing started out as something to do an hour a day while I would be referencing tracks or something along those lines. Now I take the entire month of November off my calendar and only work on odds and ends in the studio to post sales much like Larry does here and Reid does over on VI-C. That said, I don't like sales for the reasons in my last post. That doesn't mean I won't take advantage of them when they come up because I'm terribly frugal. lol Though this year, I've not even had the time to look at most of them...
  9. Here's my hot take on sales and Black Friday. In general, I don't like sales. I believe that they do nothing but anger existing customers and devalue the product itself which can become it's own rabbit hole to jump down. On the customer end, many people feel slighted when they buy something then a week later it's discounted. There were a lot of complaints about that this year as many sales were pretty steep. Then we come to the devaluing of products. When you put something on sale, you're essentially lowering the price people will be willing to pay for it. Very few people will ever again pay the full price for the product if it's been on sale and will wait it out for another sale to come by before giving you their money. Then it becomes a game of "do we set it at the same price or do we lower it even more to get more people in". Most companies will take it lower which means you now have a crowd of people who will wait for that percentage or better again before making the decision to buy. I've seen people scoff at a whole 5% saying they will wait till it reaches what it was again before buying. I do see the other side of it though. Companies need to sell products to make money and sales are a good way to do that. Companies like Plugin Alliance and Waves sell on volume. They don't care that people don't buy at full price because another sale is right around the corner and they will sell tens of thousands of dollars or more worth in one go. There are a lot of new companies each year as well and trying to get the attention of people is very difficult; especially if your product doesn't compare with existing companies so many get stuck in this constant sale routine or in the case of many, giving product away for free to get attention. It's a bad place to be in because you can't dig yourself out of it easily.
  10. They are all in overdrive from last year's dry spell. I've gotten 5 hours of sleep the last 48 hours and there is no sign of this stopping.
  11. Holy shit, it only took 13 years. Want to bet it will be delayed for another 13 years? What will be a bigger letdown, Forbidden Planet or Cyberpunk 2077?
  12. No complaints from me. I won't say no at this price.
  13. I made an oops and actually looked at the site. This isn't what they raised the price on. The sale price for this is $107.50 which is really really good.
  14. I'm seeing $107 on the website
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