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  1. They saw how much money they were making with one deal so they went to two which made them more money. Then the dollar signs in their eyes appeared and they were like "let's do all the deals!" and now we have eight cause money.
  2. I'm guessing there will be a list of fixes and modifications as well
  3. Saw this on Reddit about it: Editing note events in the Piano View is faster and easier than ever in Studio One 5.2. When editing Note events inside the Piano View, the Arrow Tool turns into a real “Smart Tool” at higher zoom levels—without ever having to switch tools! In addition to selecting, moving and resizing note events using the Arrow Tool, the following additional functions can now be changed all with the same useful tool: Note velocity Mute/unmute event Split note event Split note event and part Glue adjacent notes New in Studio One 5.2, the Arranger Track lets you try arrangements on the fly before committing to a new playback order. The updated Arranger Track Inspector lets you quickly jump to different sections of your song from a quick view list. Simply double-click an Arranger Section while another section is playing and Studio One will seamlessly transition from one section to another—without skipping a beat! Also new to 5.2: you get even more robust live arrangement functionality with Arranger Tracks in the Show Page, in both Setlist view and Performance view! Live arranging is available both from the Arranger Track timeline and the Arranger Track Inspector. When combined with loop playback mode and “Loop follows selection” enabled, you have the ultimate remix experimentation environment. Best of all, Arranger Sections can even be controlled from any hardware controller or Studio One Remote. Use the new Patches View in Studio One 5.2 to see all the Patches for a given Player on an easy-to-read grid to quickly recall Patches for your virtual or real instruments, effectively turning Studio One into a powerful master (keyboard) controller. Or open the new Arranger View to see a grid of all available Arranger sections. Set each section to loop and Studio One turns into a powerful loop launcher! Studio One 5.2 adds the Arranger Track to the Show Page, letting you experiment on the fly while you're on stage or live streaming from your studio. For each Arranger section in every Setlist song have a choice of five playback modes: Continue, Stop at End, Skip, Loop, or Loop and Continue; the last of which lets you repeat any section for a specific number of times before playback continues to the next Arranger Section. New in Studio One 5.2, each setlist item can now be equipped with its own Arranger Track, letting you assign different Patches to the same Player for different sections of your song or turn your song into a dynamic and interactive loop performance! New in Studio One 5.2, Chord Track information can now be transferred from your Song to your Show so you’ll never miss the next chord again! New in Studio One 5.2, you can now use Studio One Remote 1.6 on your favorite mobile devices as a master controller for your live performance! Take the Performance View with you on stage to take charge of your Show. Best of all, multiple devices can connect to the same computer running Studio One so each player can control their own patches right from their mobile device
  4. Should have automatically applied but itch.io is a bit finicky. Code is: audioproductiondeals
  5. Link to sale: https://itch.io/s/47112/audioproductiondeals-special?c=audioproductiondeals New exclusive. A newer sequencer designed for quick and easy work. You can find information about it here: https://1bitdragon.itch.io/1bitdragon https://youtu.be/k0zNYu043qU https://youtu.be/R5xKIEF01wg Disclosure: code is not an affiliate code. I am currently not affiliated with any companies.
  6. Batwaffel

    Icon iKeyboards

    Be warned. Icon has a LOT of quality control issues with their iKeyboard line. I really really wanted to like them. Small form, 88 key, semi-weighted board? I had the perfect place for it. Attractive metal case? Sadly, the keys have issues, the hardware on the board itself has issues and the software has issues as well. They really could have knocked it out of the park with the line but instead, they cheapened out on a lot of important details.
  7. So I get what he's saying with this video. It's less about being better than everything else and more about getting the sound of the old Harrison console itself which, I mean, I guess some people might want that? Maybe? Is it worth $1500? Not really. Alex is a well known person in this industry but you can tell he was choosing his words carefully with this and doesn't seem to be endorsing anything, just giving the by the book information which makes my eyebrows go up a little more when it comes to the plugin itself. I doubt he will implement this into his own workflow.
  8. Batwaffel

    Auddict Hexaract

    Auddict has become an absolute joke. They used to be a really good sample company but then wanted to get into doing their own plugins and got in over their head. Hexeract is a mess they simply gave up on. Sadly looks like they are going to give PercX the same treatment.
  9. Oh, they are well aware and know, they simply don't care. We've been yelling at them for years about this stuff. They have a terrible reputation all over most internet communities but they continue to sell well because they focus mostly on marketing. The products themselves, some are okay but nothing that can't be replaced. On top of that, they are insulting. Nothing is ever their fault or the products fault, it's always something the user did and they deflect with "well no one else has this problem" rather than actually trying to help fix it. They are one of my very few blacklisted companies.
  10. Hold it until Reason 12 is announced and get the free upgrade. They mentioned that it's coming "very soon".
  11. Don't worry, IK will probably just tell you it's your fault and no one else has this issue.
  12. I've got my popcorn ready for this. What I am starting to expect will happen won't be unlike what happened with Magix when they bought Sony Creative Suite; we'll see a yearly update of Komplete with not much added. Possibly a subscription but there is so much competition out there and so many people who already own some version of Komplete now that it may not be worth the investment. This is especially true since many already have Kontakt which is what they will likely be banking on making their money back with. They will likely continue to push out shovelware libraries to throw into Komplete to keep giving people reasons to upgrade every year. I see development on Kontakt coming to a screeching halt. If NI themselves couldn't fix the disaster it's become, I can't see some new company coming in and doing it for them. Especially since it's an investment firm. Looking through their list of companies they've invested in, I can't see a single one that has actually benefitted from being bought out by them. Most have been cash grabs because they had large communities and customer bases already and they looked to capitalise on that before dropping the further development. Looks like it's time for a new company to become the industry standard.
  13. Batwaffel

    Auddict PercX

    Yah, this sale won't ever end. I'm just waiting for them to abandon it like they did with Hexeract... which is still at intro price 3 years later as well. lol
  14. Figured I'd finally post this here in case anyone is interested. The past 2 years I've had a Discord server up for Cakewalk. it's been getting more and more active lately so would be good getting some more people who know their way around the software in. https://discord.gg/6nTbNv8
  15. Based on what some people were saying about the class when they put up the BF sale, I'd just as much assume stay away from it anyway.
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