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  1. yes location is the same on both pcs. I could always just delete the reference and reload the video but that is just another step that i would have to do, and I have a LOT of files i would have to do this to. The codex thing is worth a try and I will give it a try tomorrow when I get a chance, thanks.
  2. Sorry Nigel, yes the files are on the new pc as well, cakewalk seems to find the name of the file it just wont load the video file.
  3. no the video files are not there when I load the project up. the name of the video file is there but no video. on my other system the video file opens with the project as it should, but not on my new system.
  4. I have associated videos saved with my songs. After changing over from one computer to another the video no longer loads up, with the project. the video window loads, and the name of the video that is suppose to open is there as well. but no video.
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