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  1. Thanks for the replies. I did find some old posts on how bundles are kind of put together, being essentially RIFF files with audio chunks and that the project file is thrown at the end. With that in mind, I can use a Hex editor and open the bundle and look at the structure but it makes no sense. I guess I was hoping someone had figured a little of that out so I could grab the project portion at the end and see if it's ok. The only thing I really want is the MIDI. That's it. That drum performance was the best I've ever done and I really wanted to use a better, more modern drum sample pack on it and update the sound. The sound from back then is horrid. Ruins it. Oh, and the shift-open technique is pretty useless as far as I can tell. It opens the project with no tracks, no audio, no midi, nothing. Not sure what the value is.
  2. Is Cakewalk still helping with old corrupted bundle files? Any editor programs or tricks to get midi or audio data out of them? I don't save anything in that file format any longer, this was done back when it was suggested. Getting desperate...
  3. Watched a Youtube video by a fella "The Bunn" on Baritone scale lengths and tuning. He said that to tune down a a full octave lower than standard would really require a 30" scale length. That shorter scale lengths won't cut it. But then...for instance, Tosin Abasi's 8-string signature line, Ibanez TAM100, is only a 27" scale length. Yet, Tosin tunes his low string to E, not sure if it's drop E or standard full octave low. But still...that's awfully low even if just drop E (F# low scale) and only on a 27" scale. And I have to admit, I never see anyone talk about tuning a Baritone further than B or drop A, almost always 25.5 to 27" scale lengths. But 8-string guitar...suddenly we don't have the same limits? I'm confused... Is there something different about a Baritone that I'm not getting? Or is this all simply subjective difference of opinion?
  4. Ah, I think you solved it. It's a DXi. On the Reaper forum someone mentioned that DXi's use registry entries and sure enough the installation file log shows registry entries. Since it's 32 bit, I have to use 32 bit Reaper to use it. Thanks for your help, sincerely, TK
  5. Old Cakewalk Home Studio / Sonar X1 user here trying to use Cakewalk FX Pad in Reaper. Is that possible? This is the free plug-in from the Cakewalk download page - Cakewalk FX Pad I just figured this was a VST and could use it in Reaper, but it is not finding the plug-in after installation. Just wanted to be sure it was compatible with other DAW's.
  6. As soon as you say you respect him as a musician he's gonna know it's a practical joke.
  7. No, I get it. I programmed MIDI bass and drums on every recording I did for almost 15 years before I finally got a bass setup, and then another 5 before I got an acoustic drum kit. We do what we have to do try to realize our ideas and enjoy them as much as we can with the tools we have. My comment and attitude is directed more to the robot being some kind of ideal, or preference. It's certainly fun and entertaining. But this movement of technology to replace human-instrument interaction is just plain weird.
  8. That was dumbest thing I've witnessed humans waste their time on in quite some time. Obviously I'm in the minority here, but I have ZERO interest in robot music. Nothing. None. Notta. I'm interested in human beings interacting with their instruments. Cool drum parts are cool because a human is doing it - if a human is not doing it, then I 100 percent do not care at all about it. Poly rhythms are neat because a human being worked out how to do it and make it sound almost machine like - a machine being machine like doesn't do anything for me. I fully expect to be able to build MIDI tracks no human could actually play - and I can't imagine why anyone would actually care when such a thing is accomplished, other than a few laughs over a bong cycle. Same with guitar, bass, flutes, vocals...all of the enjoyment for me comes from people and their emotions and ideas speaking through an instrument. That's where creativity comes from - not endless options purchased from modern tool makers.
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