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  1. Hi Martin & Michael, i did try it by either selecting 1 track, select all or drag and select a portion of that recorded midi but to no avail. any other ideas? plug ins? preferences that i haven't tick? Thanks again. Appreciate the input.
  2. Hi guys, I am new to this and have recently switch to Cakewalk by Bandlab. Read and learn from forum, youtube and websites. i was able to connect it with my keyboard and record, save it as cakewalk bundle and midi. recording is clear and can be heard . Problem is when i tried to export to audio, the option not highlighting and not available to me. same as when to import, but in import all other option are available (video, midi, audio CD) except for audio. attached is the screenshot of my 1 month predicament and headache. Please help. Appreciate for any imput on this. thanks again Details Software : Cakewalk by bandlab version 2019.11 (build 54, 64 bit) Windows : Windows 10 Pro Hardware: Dell Latitude E6320 Intel Core i7-2640M, 6GB memory, onboard High Definition sound device
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