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  1. That's what I had to do this morning, and it worked. You can, if you want, access this folder from the Bandlab assistant settings, by clicking the dots next to the download path.
  2. ASIO is an audio driver that provides low latency recording. I prefer it but it's not required. I do find latency with other drivers. You can certainly try them though. WASAPI being the next one I'd try. However, did your audio interface come with any software? They usually bundle in their own ASIO drivers.
  3. I thought I had searched for them the same way but just realized what I missed. They are still here and just need to be enabled again.
  4. Did we lose the vocal and percussion strip plug-ins in this update?
  5. I believe hitting the n key turns snap on and off
  6. Rev Ev

    Playback latency

    What are you recording and how are you getting the signal into Cakewalk? I've generally found WASAPI to lag when I use it whereas ASIO does not, so I'm curious how your setup necessitates its use.
  7. Relative newbie here. Until recently I'd only set foot in a studio two times, I think. And neither was behind the controls. I did some recording years ago with a 4 track cassette machine. I downloaded Cakewalk due to name recognition and already having a Bandlab account. I also downloaded Reaper, as it seemed pretty highly regarded for those of us not looking to shell out hundreds on a DAW for home recording. For some reason, Reaper's interface just didn't feel like I could get started right away. Like I'd have to poke around to figure it out. Cakewalk felt a little more natural to me. I'm sure Reaper is a fine piece of software. But its interface felt like too much of a hurdle to jump in with. With Cakewalk it felt kind of similar to working on that old 4 track, just expanded. I could probably get Reaper to look similar but I'm not looking to design the software, just to use it.
  8. Go to the utilities menu at the top an select the plug-in manager. You can see what folders are being scanned here. I can't recall exactly but when I had the same issue, I think I had to manually add the separate plug-in folder for the SI instruments and rescan before it worked.
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