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  1. Sounds like we are in the same place with that....one of these days I'm going to get over that hump and figure it out, but I'm lazy and I, too have many workarounds that accomplish a fair amount without having to master the dreaded "nodes."
  2. What is daunting for me is that while I seem to have a knack for video editing software, I have NEVER been able to use photo editors adequately--some part of my brain doesn't understand how to do it...oh well, I'm gonna give this a spin at some point.
  3. Nothing to lose, but the notion of a 3D rendering program is kind of arcane to me--but what the heck...I learned how to use DaVinci Resolve and that's a fairly complex program, but then again, I'm not doing any graphic design, just putting clips, fx, and music together. We will download and see.
  4. I have used DaVinci Resolve Studio (paid version) for quite some time now. Although I'm proficient at the basic functions, the Fusion engine process is a mystery that I have no patience for. And so I wondered if this tool would be different or add some functionality to my toolkit. And since it's free I truly could try it and see.
  5. Is this a tool for a graphic artist, or can a musician with aspirations to make films learn to use this?
  6. Yes--well, at first it took me to the regular version (priced at $199), I switched the drop down to "upgrade" and then get the message that I'm supposedly not registered as owning the two products that I definitely own )and paid for). Very annoying, but frankly I think even the upgrade price is a bit too high--I already own two of three of them, so $149 for the 3rd one seems ridiculous. Just sayin'
  7. So I was looking at upgrading my Pharlight/Straylight to the trilogy (includes Ashlight), and when I log in, it says I don't have any qualifying products to get it at the upgrade price (which is still way too high at $149). I sent NI a note about it. But this is kind of irritating, because if I wasn't a registered user of those products, how am I able to use the full versions and see them installed on Native Access? (I have Komplete 13 Ultimate). Weird.
  8. I have the cello, and it's quite good. But I don't have the Tina Guo. I do not have the other cello instruments for comparison.
  9. Man, they are rolling out the instruments quickly. I haven't even really had a chance to investigate this very much. Now the total bundle is up to $450, but I see there are still quite a few more "coming soon" instruments, so I might just wait and see what the full collection will go for, if they get it before the end of year I'll get the whole slew, since I need to spend a bit more $$$ this year for tax purposes. Anyone have a review of some of the more recent additions to this library or the whole thing?
  10. Upgraded the acoustic bundle (in other words, getting the new Dry Relic Guitar), for $63.00! That was pretty cool. Although it said the sale didn't apply to the Dry Relic, it certainly did to the upgrade of the bundle, so how about that loophole?
  11. I can get it for $99, but I'm on the fence. Over the years I only use it sporadically--not saying it's not good, it is and I do use it on occasion, but it is never really my "go-to" for anything, for some reason. So...maybe...just to stay current and get all the newest ones.
  12. Interesting info...I remember when Samplemodeling was just getting started, it was a revelation, but too pricey for me at that time. THen the company split up, I guess over Kontakt vs. SWAM engine stuff--always about the dollars, I guess) and I never really did a head-to-head comparison, which probably would be a good idea. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Is this an actual Kontakt instrument--I know they include wave files, but what about loops and MIDI editing? This would be great if it works anything like other drum samplers such as Superior, etc. I don't see any instructions, etc. on the site. I don't want to use wav loops, I want MIDI loops rather than to play them myself.
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