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  1. Dave Maffris

    OTS Violin Bass

    for me, 67 bucks, def want this one to complete the collection!
  2. Dave Maffris


    Oh, I forgot about the jam points, that could be the deal-maker...thanks for the reminder, Peter.
  3. Dave Maffris


    I'm very interested, as MODO bass has become a go-to staple for me, but with the addition of Fretless and upright models, it could take it next level, indeed. However, I'm looking for a better price at some point, until then I can cover these other models with other brands...plus, it's not out yet, so pre-ordering is not quite as compelling. I'm sure at some point I will upgrade, it because I like MODO bass very much, indeed.
  4. That is a very nice price, and I think I will pick this up, simply because of that...I checked everywhere, no one else comes close to this price, and I could always use another good mic for the studio and rehearsals, etc.
  5. Yes. I'm thinking about getting some of the Tributes, including Floyd, Toto, etc. Didn't really realize these were out there, even though I have had the Arturia suite for years...guess I was under-utilizing it.
  6. damn demo video got me. just ordered. Did I need it? Of course not. Want it? Absolutely.
  7. When I try to load this now (recently) Cakewalk simply crashes and no matter what I try, it just won't load this instrument anymore. I have tried a repair using Spitfire's audio tool and I'm up to date with CBB. I will contact them, but I wonder if anyone else is having this issue. I think it's also crashing with BBC Orchestra, but I didn't get to test that one again, too busy at the moment.
  8. Despite all the hardships, financial, health, etc, that so many have suffered, there is always something to be appreciated and enjoyed, and this group and community are on the short list of things I have thankful for. Plus, I'm doing a flurry of purchases at year's end (Spitfire, NI) to add to a needed tax deduction list, as I made a bit more money than expected earlier in the year (good for me), and then the newer Variant comes along and just rains on our parade. Still playing tonight, still writing and making music and videos, but looking forward to 2022 as well. Talk to y'all next year.
  9. I hear ya...man, that is unbelievable how you survived on that income--no wonder you are the King of the bargains....
  10. Congrats! I passed that milestone several years ago, waiting until I was 66 so I could continue to work if/when needed. All I can say is...it is a good thing, and you will appreciate it, whatever the size of the monthly check, because we paid into it all these years. Now go do what you wanna do....
  11. Sounds like we are in the same place with that....one of these days I'm going to get over that hump and figure it out, but I'm lazy and I, too have many workarounds that accomplish a fair amount without having to master the dreaded "nodes."
  12. What is daunting for me is that while I seem to have a knack for video editing software, I have NEVER been able to use photo editors adequately--some part of my brain doesn't understand how to do it...oh well, I'm gonna give this a spin at some point.
  13. Nothing to lose, but the notion of a 3D rendering program is kind of arcane to me--but what the heck...I learned how to use DaVinci Resolve and that's a fairly complex program, but then again, I'm not doing any graphic design, just putting clips, fx, and music together. We will download and see.
  14. I have used DaVinci Resolve Studio (paid version) for quite some time now. Although I'm proficient at the basic functions, the Fusion engine process is a mystery that I have no patience for. And so I wondered if this tool would be different or add some functionality to my toolkit. And since it's free I truly could try it and see.
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