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  1. Strange, I purchased a couple of bundles, fantastic deal, for 9 bucks each. Saw an email notification/confirmation with download info on my apple watch, but didn't have time to to into regular computer email, and the email is nowhere to be found, not deleted folder, spam folder, etc. etc. I have contacted Rigid Audio, but don't know what happened, because there's no way to download from the site, at least not that I could find. Sometimes a deal isn't a deal...now I'm worried something happened to the transaction, but I still have an email on my watch that I cannot click thru on, and it's concerning me. If I deleted the email accidentally this morning, it should still be retrievable, but as of now, it's missing. Hoping the company can re-send the links and confirmation to me.
  2. I think they sell a partner-compatible vocal-type program, I'm forgetting the name, but it sounds great to me....
  3. NO NO NO, please don't make me do it...! First Abbey Road One (I love, it BTW), now this? Just when I am searching for a high quality vocal/choir library for film scores? Oh gosh. And the day my car repair wiped me out...yikes. Beautiful sounds..
  4. Me, too...when does the group buy usually happen? Summer or Fall? I Cannot remember...
  5. And it's awesome, BTW. Great purchase....
  6. Thanks, I was there, but didn't quite get it. On Spitfire's site I put in the shorter code in this OP and it got down to $262, not good enough.. Thanks, Larry.. You da man.
  7. Confused as to which code/which site that ARO could be had for that price...I, too have Labs and DIscover, would love to expand, as I am getting deep into sync licensing and would like more orchestral/soundscape stuff...
  8. Well, the sub is a little bit less per month if you subscribe for an annual subscription, maybe not an option for everyone--or not even me...but I, too wonder if Pro version will mean anything substantial, vs. Advanced versions, etc. The price to upgrade is nice, but a scrip for a year wouldn't be beyond the pale since there will be upgrades included during the subscription. More research is needed, if I find anything out I'll post here.
  9. Hey, Jim, I recently picked up the Geforce 3070 for $500.00, which I think is the standard price. It works well with Da Vinci. Agree that sometimes the program can be difficult to master. I also have issues with stuttering playback while editing, and I haven't been able to overcome it. But I'm not doing any more video right now for awhile do to other music projects on my plate.
  10. I have been negative about subscription software from the get-go, but I'm starting to wonder if it's all that bad. Sure, getting locked out if your subscription lapses or you decide to unsubscribe is a huge negative, but in reality, but other than for financial reasons, you would only unsubscribe if you found better plug-ins or just weren't satisfied with them, in that case you don't need access to the software, (although you'd have to replace them on older projects). I looked at the cost of an annual payment, and it's just under $21.00/month. That's pretty affordable for most folks, although it can add up with other subscriptions (like my TV streaming); so I would think that if you anticipate not being able to afford it, you would be foolish to subscribe without a backup plan. Also, looking at the total annual cost of the subscription ($249.50), I would say it ain't much more, and possibly less, than the annual cycle of upgrades of their various products/bundles. Of course, they do have some sales, but they may be phasing those out, and even their sales are not spectacular savings--their stuff costs money, and it's good, and I rely on it, as do a lot of professional composers/songwriters making a living at it. So I'm beginning to consider it, even though the initial cost seems steep when I already own most of the current products lates versions--but not all. And regular updates at no additional cost would be nice, too. I would, however, wonder if Izotope will automatically add brand new products to this subscription, or will they increase the annual fee...I would hope not, given that they are getting the upfront, monthly revenue stream from the subscriptions they generate, and if more folks subscribe, they can afford to develop more products (I would guess). It is a quandary for most of us, but I'm starting to lean ever so slightly to the subscription model--as well as for other product lines--it's probably gonna continue. and since I consider myself a professional, I don't want to be penny-wise and pound-foolish. I respect other's reluctance to subscribe, especially for hobbyists, so I hope Izotope doesn't discontinue it's traditional software purchase option.
  11. I use DaVinci Resolve, and once I got the learning curve down, I liked it enough that I sprung for the paid version. The free is quite full featured, so it's a great value. The negative is that it takes a lot of GPU to work well. Your computer should have at least 8GB of VRAM--I had only 2 on my studio computer, and the thing froze a lot or I got "out of GPU memory" pop-ups that made me reboot, etc. I was able to score a new graphics card (NVidia GEForce 3070) and that solved the out of memory issue. Still have some lag in playback issues, which I think has something to do with the amount of effects I use, and the fact that the program caches a lot and although I have a lot of HD space, it's not unlimited. Try the free version, if it doesn't work for you, no sweat...it is used in Hollywood, too. Think of it as using Cakewalk instead of Pro Tools (the industry standard)...you can get the job done. If you are skilled in color compositing, etc. (I'm not) or just want a pro-level program, this is the one for the money--And, it includes the Fairlight audio module, so you also have a capable, pro level audio console built in. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
  12. Wow! I never knew. Had the same problem the other day, and this seems to have fixed it....THANK YOU!!!!
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