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  1. Last month i was with my cousin who uses Ableton Live and he was teaching me how to use it and i was having fun . And then i was thinking "what if cakewalk had this feature". The feature was called "Tempo Following" The tempo following feature allows any audio that you drag in matches the tempo you already set doesn't matter what the tempo of audio file is exported in. I believe it would help producers who are beginners with there creativity.
  2. could you add a mic fader i know people use usb mics and just getting to music recording and cant afford a interface. it would be a great feature for the daw
  3. i been experiencing other daws and there is this one feature that caught my eye is the microphone input volume that is valuable for artist who dont have a interface. and i am one of these people lol But i would like to see cakewalk to have that type of feature because some people cant afford a interface during this crazy time in the world so i hope you read and just give it thought please and thank you
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