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  1. Does it differ or is this onyl anothe way of viewing the automation line? TBH i only discovered separate lanes for automation when i was trying to paste automation line from one track to another. Instead of being shown on the track itself (like in the source track) after using "paste special" it was pasted as sepratae lane. Is it any difference? Or can i use paste special to paste automation on the track and not as separate lane?
  2. How do I enable real time (online) mixdown of track in Cakewalk? I searched the options, try to google it by found nothing - must be a very simple to setup this but i just cant find where it is
  3. Is there a way to show if any sample on a track is reaching over 0 thus causing clipping? Audacity has such option (clipping is hown by red line over to loud sample) and I wonder if it an be checked in cakewalk as well.
  4. Hello. Is there a way to move all faders in mixer the same amount simultanesly? Tried to click all and then drag one but only the one moves.
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