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  1. S o i think a final question for now :D. Should I dither multiple times? Consider such situation - I have a project made of different clips - some in 16 bit, some recorded in 24 bit and some from rendering in VST are 32 bit. What would be the best way to handle this: 1. Mix it down to 24 applying dither and then after mastering this 24 bit file export to 16 bit for CD with dither again? 2. Maintain the highest from all clips resolution for mastering, so mix down whole thing to 32 bit file, do a mastering on it and then export to 16 and only then dither. 3. Mix it down to 16 right away, with dithering, do a mastering and then export it to 16 again (of course no dithering this time as bit depth stays the same) .
  2. So in general - using higher resolution and dithering is better than using 16 bit resolution to avoid the dithering at all,?
  3. Ok, that helps a lot but about" Set record and driver bit depth to the same bit depth." I assume drvier depth can be higher? I often use 16 bit clips and as I said the driver depth is stuck at 24. Also - if my final master will be a 44/16 one can I record at 16 bit on low level to not exceed the headrom? Also- Did I get it right that when render depth is set to 32 it creates 32 bit wave files while freezing but later they are autho dithered during export, right?
  4. And let's assume that I have some pre recorded audio files in 16 bit as clips in a project and the target master should be red book 44/16 as well. If I plan to add to this pre recorded files some audio tracks rendered from vst instrument is it better to change the default render depth to 16 or leave it at 32 and dither when exporting the whole thing to single track for mastering to be done?
  5. With my interface (using its native asio driver) the driver bit depth is set to 24 and cannot be changed. Is it normal? What can be the problems if I record with different bith depth (either lower or higher)?
  6. Hello. By default in Cakewalk all rendering is done in 32 bit. So frozen tracks created with VST from midi will have 32 bit depth. Recording AFAIK always has the bit depth declared when creating project (the one that is shown in top panel under project sample rate). My question is - should I have all clips in project set to the same bit depth? And, if some have for example 32 bit and other 16 bit and the final depth of mixdown is going to be 16 should i use dithering?
  7. You are all right and although I found a subsitute what bothers me is that another user did run it so clearly something is wrong with my CW configuration.
  8. I'll try to dive into it more later. Maybe in the meantime some one will get another idea here. Will use another sax VST for while i guess. BTW here is a log from the guy that managed to load it: https://imgur.com/a/g4PU5wp
  9. I did the steps above but the result is exact the same. Log still says "previously scanned" although "rescan failed plugins" was checked.
  10. So to be sure - now i should: 1. Run Cakewalk as an administrator 2. Select "rescan failed plugins" in plugin manager options 3. Do a manual rescan?
  11. I just installed another VST instrument form this site that is also 32 bit and it loaded succesfully. So looks like the problem is with this plugin only but as I mentioned another person loeded it into cakewalk with out any problem. Running as an administrator did not help. Same thing in a log - "VSTSCAN: Previously scanned - NOT a VST plugin"
  12. A moment ago I added random vst effect plugin and it added smoothly. Does bit bridge treat VSTi other way than than VST Fx?
  13. Hello. I have problem with installing this plugin in cakewalk: https://plugins4free.com/plugin/189/?fbclid=IwAR0_mfQbgAliY1mpCVoaHgMLBBIQoy7pLbkY-OfEJahnM-ERsz3il7AsnwA Cakewalk scans it but according to genrted scan log thinks it is NOT a VST plugin. What's even weirder I just confirmed that another user downloaded it from the same source that I did and it was added to cakewalk without any problems. Any ideas what might be causing this error? I am pasting a fragment from a scan log below. VSTSCAN: ---- 29: c:\pluginy vst\SaxiPlayer\SAXi103beta8.dll ---- VSTSCAN: [ShortPath] c:\PLUGIN~1\SAXIPL~1\SAXI10~1.DLL VSTSCAN: [RegKey] Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Cakewalk VST X64\Inventory\c:/pluginy vst/SaxiPlayer/SAXi103beta8.dll VSTSCAN: Previously scanned - NOT a VST plugin
  14. Does it differ or is this onyl anothe way of viewing the automation line? TBH i only discovered separate lanes for automation when i was trying to paste automation line from one track to another. Instead of being shown on the track itself (like in the source track) after using "paste special" it was pasted as sepratae lane. Is it any difference? Or can i use paste special to paste automation on the track and not as separate lane?
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