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  1. Although this is an old topic, for the benefit of anyone wanting to know if there is a way of switching to Busses on the X-Touch One - there is! (This applies to "MC Std" mode on the X-Touch One and using the "Mackie Control" driver in Cakewalk). In CbB, go to the Utilities menu and select the bottom entry for your Control Surface (e,g. Mackie Control - 1). In the dialog near the bottom right there is a checkbox for "Use Scrub+Bank Down/Up to select Tracks/Buses" - check this. By default, the X-Touch One will display "tr" on the Assignment LED display. Press and hold the "Scrub" button and press "Fader Bank >" - this will select Busses and display "bu" on the Assignment LED display. To revert to Tracks, press and hold "Scrub" and press the "Fader Bank <" button. Now if only I could get the "MC User" mode to behave properly on Channel selection - anyone?
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