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  1. Works on Firefox. I'm watching your video now. Very helpful. Tks!
  2. Hey folks, question. Just starting out with this stuff. I have a simple series of midi kicks. I want to be able to change the velocity on a single hit, and/or make all the hits the same velocity at the same time. I can't figure out how to do it. I've watched a few videos and read Cakewalk help files, but I'm stuck. The SMART TOOL and the SELECT TOOL don't do anything. It seems so difficult to find out how to do something simple. Anyways, thanks. Image attached.
  3. I got it actually. All good. Tks for your input man. It's appreciated.
  4. Hey sorry to be a pain, but how do I get an AKAI MPD218 to work with this? Installed SITALA just fine. Tks The MPD218 works fine with every other virtual instrument.
  5. Hi, what can I use to build a custom drumkit in Cakewalk with my own samples? Such as plugin or instrument that'll correspond to the pads on my Akai MPD, and I just drag my samples onto the corresponding pads in the plugin? Similar to the basic drumkit in Ableton. Thanks!
  6. OK, so all I need to find out is the exact steps on how to do a simple CROSSFADE between punch-in and out points on a bass tracks to get rid of pops and clicks. I've looked it up on Cakewalk's help pages and watched a handful of videos, but I can't seem to find out the information, or people everything make way too complicated. I need to do a simple crossfade between two clips on the same track. That's all. Thanks.
  7. So it seems that unless you have a $4000 computer, it's pretty much a pain in the a___ to record lol!! but thanks people. appreciate the help.
  8. System: WINDOWS 10 64 Bit, Intel Core i7 8550U CPR @ 1.80 GHz 1.99 GHz Wondering if anyone can help me out. Having pretty bad latency problems using an Apollo Twin Duo USB with Cakewalk recording bass and guitars. I'm not using direct monitoring through the Apollo because I'm using plugins in Cakewalk and I need to hear them, so I'm monitoring through input Echo in Cakewalk. As an example, on a single track, I'm using just a Sansamp BDDI plugin and an amp sim plugin. Neither are high CPU usage. Add a compressor plugin to that, and forget about it. Totally unworkable. Note that I'm not running ANY other plugins in this situation. I've attached shots of all the settings I'm using. I've had WAY less latency using cheap interfaces. Almost seems like the more expensive I go, the more problems lol!! Thanks
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