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  1. OK, so here's the deal. Can I take a stereo mix of a song - as in a WAV file of a song - import it into Cakewalk, and snap it to a grid so that I can do some sequencing to it? Let me ask the question in a different way: Somebody who really doesn't know what they're doing at all is sending me a two track mix. They want me to track some synth parts to it. I need to work on the gird to do that. How can I do that, when the song I've been sent isn't on any kind of grid, per se? I need to get their song onto a grid somehow in order to have what I do sync up to what they've given me. Thanks. Appreciate the help.
  2. Hey, quick problem here. Was hoping someone could help. Really appreciate it. I'm using Cakewalk Platinum on Windows 10 64 bit with An Apollo Twin Duo USB. I'm getting a fair amount of static on small sessions without much going on. Like for instance, when I run a soft synth with two plugins on it, Same thing with recording analog instruments. The buffer size on the Apollo is 128. If I go down to 64, the static is worse, if I could up to 256, there's too much latency. My sample rate is at 44100 I don't know whether or not it's the Apollo, or Cakewalk. Thanks.
  3. Hope there are some UAD Apollo Twin users here who can help me. Please, can someone tell me EXACTLY what I have to do to record and monitor while I record with the Apollo Twin in Cakewalk? What do I have to do? What do I have to have selected ? What do I have to do in Cakewalk? What do I have to do on the Apollo? Please tell me EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE TO DO. I'm not really all that techie about this stuff. Thanks.
  4. OK, so I'm trying to record some guitar using an Apollo Twin USB into Cakewalk and using an amp plugin. I'm getting dry guitar sound along with my distorted signal. How do I make that stop? Note: I'm not really that great with technology. I'm just a guitarist and bass player trying to record a guitar track. If anyone can tell me exactly what do to that would be awesome. I'm on Windows 10 64 bit,
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