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  1. this worked for me! thank you ♥
  2. thank you so much for your answers! could you explain how to do this bit? i ended up adding a second tts. is that what this means? im sorry english isnt my first language and i get a bit confused
  3. hi i also have a question for this topic. so i read Craig Anderton's article on how to use the TTS -1 and i was able to use a synth bass successfully. I use the Piano Roll option since i dont have a midi controller. I set the bass to channel one. However, I cant figure out how to add other instruments that i've assigned to other channels. here is a screenshot. and here is a screen shot of my tts1 setup What I want to know is how to use the 2nd channel so I can add the sound of rain to my recording. i followed Craig's instructions and it created that folder with those 4 audio tracks and 1 MIDI track but I dont know what all the other audio tracks are for. I noticed only 1 MIDI track was created. I hope you can help a girl out. Thanks!
  4. ana

    I can't download Cakewalk

    hi i wasnt being able to download it either and what worked for me was pluging in my computer and setting the battery to the best performance and only installing bandlab w/o the add ons. it took around 10 min but it finally worked :) i also uninstalled bandlab and installed it again once
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