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  1. Hi! I thank you by sharing your comment, even though that wasn't exactly what I was trying to break down, huh. Despite that, I found out this page: https://forum.scalerplugin.com/t/setup-cakewalk-sonar-cbb-how-do-i-make-scaler-trigger-other-vst-from-scalers-paino-keys/188/3 According to Scaler's developer, the most important aspect to take in account is to set the synth's input to Scaler's MIDI Ch. 1. Once that you have done that, you could use Scaler without problems. Then I used that knowledge in order to solve my problem. Turns out that it's the same situation! (I guess.) I set my synth's input to Nora's MIDI Ch. 1. I tried to see if I could trigger MIDI events, then I made Nora play a basic chord. That did work, haha! MIDI events were correctly triggered and arpeggiated as well. There are some screenshots of my setup. See ya!
  2. Hello there! I've recently got interested in checking out arpeggiators, then I ended up with Squareheads's Nora 2. That sounds nice, I guess, yet I have no absolute idea about how I could route the plugin in order to make it work. Could someone give me some advice regarding this? I thank you in advance if you took the time to read this. :,)
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