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  1. I love that I can see the midi data from other tracks in the piano roll but I hate that I can edit them. Is there a way to have them show up but not be editable or to turn them off entirely? I've attached a screenshot. The purple is the data from other tracks and the yellow is what I'm trying to work with
  2. It won't let me. The box to select it is locked out and can't be altered.
  3. I'm uploading to audio jungle and they require all mp3s to be at 320 kbps. Cakewalk is not letting me change the bit rate for mp3. Is it possible to export to this in cakewalk?
  4. So I think I fixed it. I checked the box marked "64 bit double precision engine" and it has exported properly since. What does that do and do you know why it fixed my problem?
  5. When ever I render in any format, the resulting file as all the sounds cut off after the attack. My ram is doing just fine when I check (I have 32 gigs) and my cpu isn't struggling. Is there a setting or something that may be causing this? None of this is recorded live, they are all vst's. When I exported similar tracks in reaper as an experiment it didn't do this which makes me think it's the software. I've attached a recording. Menu.mp3
  6. Tyler Cline

    Trouble Exporting

    They render as silence. Other tracks only only render the attacks then clip off really quick. For example I'm supposed to have these big strings pads beneath everything but they most of the time they fade away almost immediately. I used this vst in reaper with the same chords and automation and it rendered no problem. I'm wondering if it is something in cakewalk?
  7. Tyler Cline

    Trouble Exporting

    I have two questions. First, I just got a screaming new computer. It has 32 gigs of ram on top of everything else being top of the line. However, I still can't export tracks in wav or mp3 without loads of issues. Clipped sounds and sound loss are especially bad. Second, I'm trying to export each track individually and it is working better however there are some tracks that won't export at all! They just export as silence. They are not muted, they are not set to 0 db. Those tracks play back fine in the full project. Are there any ideas as to why I'm having these problems?
  8. I just installed Cakewalk on my new pc. I can't seem to get the sound to play through my computer into my headphones. For a time it came through my monitor's built in speakers but after messing with speakers that is gone too. Sound works from youtube and games and such as desired, I just can't get cakewalk to send audio there. Any ideas? Here are my screen shots
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