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  1. My audio engine will now regularly glitch a bit then drop out giving me a (1) error code. I looked this up and it says to increase the buffer size. This made the problem happen a little less often, but def doesn't fix the problem. I even increased the buffer size as much as it will go both from the cakewalk preferences interface and the ASIO panel of my audio interface. I'm using a Scarlett Solo 2ng gen on ASIO driver mode. MIDI is in MME driver mode. I have 7 MIDI tracks and 12 audio tracks. Please let me know if there's anything else I should be considering. Thanks!
  2. Awesome! This fixed it. It miscounted the number of beats in the clip by one. Adjusted that and it did the trick! Thank you so much
  3. Cool. Where would I find that setting to disable it?
  4. I've had this issue come up a number of times when transforming a clip to a groove clip and have it loop-able. I've previously been able to fix the length issue by shortening it and bouncing it to clip then looping it but it isn't working now. Essentially I want to have this clip become loop-able. When I select Groove Clip Looping, it lengthens the clip ever so slightly. Please see below. I've looked this up in the forums and seen mentions of the DAW not counting beats correctly for the clip? And that this can be fixed in the Groove Clip Header bar? Not sure how to have that appear and fix that if that is the issue.
  5. YES!! I think I got it working now! Thank you so much scook for your patience and answering all my questions. I'll be sure to let you if I need anymore help
  6. Okay. I think I'm starting to understand more now. Though when I perform your first step of selecting the first 2 tracks and run bounce to track, this dialog box comes up (please see attached image.) Which choices should I select here?
  7. Excuse me if I don't understand correctly. Currently as illustrated in the picture, I have the drum instruments both all on one track with its own twin audio track, then also separated on their own midi tracks. How do I transform the separate midi tracks into their own audio tracks? I can't select the separate audio and midi tracks since there's only midi.
  8. Perhaps I'm not doing it correctly, but when I select one of the midi tracks and select Tracks - Bounce to Tracks, an error message pops up saying: The specified selection did not contain any audio data.
  9. Thank a lot scook! The info on midi track console strips really helps a lot. After looking on the interwebs, looks like the drum vst I used for this project (Drum PRO) does not support multi outputs, so your efficient idea of having all the midi on one track with multiple output audio tracks wouldn't work here. I haven't begun remixing this project yet, but are there any cons to mixing with midi console strips? Initially it just looks like they may be pretty quiet. At 116 the tracks are pretty quiet and bumping them all the way to 127 only does so much. Perhaps just applying compression would help here?
  10. I'm in the middle of returning to an old project that needs some reworking (since it was my first project and I had no idea what I was doing) and I'm having an issue with making some tracks, that contain step sequencers, show up as channel strips that contain normal volume sliders. Please see attached image. You will see I had previously had all the drum instruments located on one track but related to two. In other words, track 1 contained all the audio from track 2 which contained all the step sequencer info for the drum instruments. Having all drum instruments on one track is not ideal for mixing and getting the best sound for each one, so now I'm trying to separate the instruments and each have their own track. However, as you can see on tracks 3-8, while they produce the correct sounds, all their respective channel trips on the console have odd sliders that have double and triple digit numbers. Not only do I not know what these mean, they make it difficult for the mixing process. How do I transform these into normal volume sliders or perhaps at least each of the tracks have a partner track that contain their audio info (similar to the relationship between tracks 1 and 2.) Thank you so much in advance!
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