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  1. Thanks for all the advice, guys. (I was afraid there wasn't a magic bullet.) I tried the fx suggested by In A Week and it definitely helps. It easily shifts notes a bit within a guitar strum or piano chord, giving a more realistic effect.
  2. Is there a way to "un-quantize" an imported midi file (not produced in CW) that was quantized by the producer? (He recorded some guitar comping, then tightly quantized it so it sounds like a machine. What I want to do is essentially "un-quantize" it by moving some of the start times a bit backward or forward.) Many thanks! Fred
  3. The files are vocal recordings on Apple phones or tablets. Many of my clients use Apple products, but I've only had this problem with two of them. The latest file came as an email attachment (Gmail). The email itself is MIME-encoded (Ver. 1.0). Does that mean the attachment is also encoded? If so, is there a way around this, or must the sender use something other than email to get the file to me? Many thanks!
  4. Occasionally, an .m4a file imported into Cakewalk plays around 10% slower than it should - enough that it begins drifting out of sync with the other tracks after a few seconds. -- The pitch is normal. -- The sample rate is correct. -- The same problem happens when that file is imported into other audio software (i.e., it's not a Cakewalk issue). -- So far, when I ask the sender to re-record, the second file is fine. Any idea what causes this? And how to avoid it? Thanks, guys! Fred
  5. Thanks, scook. Yes, it does show an App Error - Access Violation. I've since tried all the usual fixes -- memory and registry checks, sfc and chkdsk. Also reinstalled the Aria stuff. I'm giving Support a try now and will report back if they can help.
  6. Can someone help me solve this mystery? Cakewalk suddenly closes (simply disappears) when I stop playback, move the Now Time marker to another position, and attempt to resume playback. The problem only occurs under the following conditions: - In a midi track with the Aria Player plugin and – - with any string (bowed) or wind instrument patch and – - with any CC1 or CC7 data present I have eliminated some possibilities: - It does not happen with plugins other than the Aria Player (e.g., the Cakewalk TTS-1 works fine) - It does not happen with other CC data or with any other non-note data (e.g., Pan, Expression, Key Aftertouch). - It does not happen with keyboard, guitar or percussion patches. - It does not happen with the identical setup but run in another DAW. So the problem only occurs with the combination of Cakewalk+Aria Player+a string or wind instrument patch+CC1 or CC7 data. Change any one of those four conditions and things work normally. I’m using CW 2020.11/Build 099, 64bit, Windows 10 Pro. Thanks, guys! Fred (from Brazil)
  7. Chez -- it's a year and a half later, but you just solved my problem. Thank!
  8. Scook -- your answer, right-click on the line to left of the entered node, SOLVED it. Many thanks!
  9. I'm unable to set "jumps" in track automation. Linear, Fast Curve, Slow Curve -- no problems. But not Jump. In the attached screenshots, (1) I right-click where I'm going to set the node and select Jump; (2) I enter the node; (3) when I move the node to its desired value, I get a Linear change, not a Jump. What am I missing? Thanks, guys!
  10. Does anyone know what this function is called in the Keyboard Shortcuts menu?
  11. Anderton Monitorizer is missing. Plug-in Manager doesn't show it (as Enabled or Excluded), and a general seach on my hard drive turns up nothing. Any ideas? Thanks! 2020.05, build 39, 64bit
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