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  1. Thanks, scook. Yes, it does show an App Error - Access Violation. I've since tried all the usual fixes -- memory and registry checks, sfc and chkdsk. Also reinstalled the Aria stuff. I'm giving Support a try now and will report back if they can help.
  2. Can someone help me solve this mystery? Cakewalk suddenly closes (simply disappears) when I stop playback, move the Now Time marker to another position, and attempt to resume playback. The problem only occurs under the following conditions: - In a midi track with the Aria Player plugin and – - with any string (bowed) or wind instrument patch and – - with any CC1 or CC7 data present I have eliminated some possibilities: - It does not happen with plugins other than the Aria Player (e.g., the Cakewalk TTS-1 works fine) - It does not happen with other CC data or with any other non-note data (e.g., Pan, Expression, Key Aftertouch). - It does not happen with keyboard, guitar or percussion patches. - It does not happen with the identical setup but run in another DAW. So the problem only occurs with the combination of Cakewalk+Aria Player+a string or wind instrument patch+CC1 or CC7 data. Change any one of those four conditions and things work normally. I’m using CW 2020.11/Build 099, 64bit, Windows 10 Pro. Thanks, guys! Fred (from Brazil)
  3. Chez -- it's a year and a half later, but you just solved my problem. Thank!
  4. Scook -- your answer, right-click on the line to left of the entered node, SOLVED it. Many thanks!
  5. I'm unable to set "jumps" in track automation. Linear, Fast Curve, Slow Curve -- no problems. But not Jump. In the attached screenshots, (1) I right-click where I'm going to set the node and select Jump; (2) I enter the node; (3) when I move the node to its desired value, I get a Linear change, not a Jump. What am I missing? Thanks, guys!
  6. Does anyone know what this function is called in the Keyboard Shortcuts menu?
  7. Anderton Monitorizer is missing. Plug-in Manager doesn't show it (as Enabled or Excluded), and a general seach on my hard drive turns up nothing. Any ideas? Thanks! 2020.05, build 39, 64bit
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