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  1. Thanks Manuel! MIDI-OX showed the same issue as Cakewalk: yes to midi input from the computer keyboard, no to input from the MIDI keyboard. I guess that proves the problem has nothing to do with Cakewalk. I am giving up and I will switch to a small and simple modern MIDI controller. They're not that expensive.
  2. Hi! I have tried searching the forum, but I haven't come across a solution for my particular problem. My setup: I have an audio/midi interface (Tascam US-122L) connected to my PC with a USB cable. It seems to work well: I can record audio with it, and listen to all cakewalk sounds. I use a midi cable to connect a midi keyboard to the audio/midi interface. The midi keyboard (a Fatar Studio 49) is old (probably more than 20 years) and simple (it just outputs duration and velocity and doesn't have any buttons), but to the best of my knowledge it works. When I press a piano key on the keyboard, I see the 'MIDI IN' LED on the midi interface light up. That means the keyboard is sending MIDI data and the Tascam US-122L is receiving them. The trouble is that the signal does not seem to reach my MIDI track in Cakewalk. In Cakewalk settings, the Tascam US-122L is selected as the only MIDI input device, and it is also selected as the input for the MIDI track (simple instrument track). I can use my computer keyboard to play and record midi, but I'm getting no response from the midi keyboard. Is there something obvious that I am missing? Or is my gear just too old? Thanks in advance, Frans
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