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  1. Hi, I am relatively new to using a recording programme as sophisticated as this so forgiver me if this is a rather silly question. I used to use Cakewalk Home Studio and when recording my guitar, the input volume matched tracks that I had already recorded so was able to play along at the same volume. In Bandlab when playing along the input volume is significantly louder than the recorded tracks so making it difficult to hear. Basically I cant seem to get either volumes to match. I play guitar through a Line6 pod into a 4 track mixer that then goes into my PC via an M Audio sound card. Am I doing something wrong or is there a button or a menu pI need to access and adjust something? All and any help appreciated.
  2. I'm new to this programme having used Home Studio 4 for years. I have a problem. How do you delete measures? I have been working on a project and i inserted a number of measures to make a gap. Now I want to remove those inserted measures so the recorded clips come together. HOW? Please help.
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