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  1. I am quite sure the issue is that I'm using at outdated external soundcard, and that Cakewalk has little to do with it. It has crashed in a similar manner before. That sounds like a useful thing to enable anyway. Thank you! (I am still finding my way around all the buttons in this program).
  2. Follow-up: After some more research, it seems that it wasn't the crash that removed all the sound, it was misuse of the "convert to mono" function. Apparently, u-isc "convert to mono" on the main track removes all sound from muted takes. That seems odd. I was able to recover 2 of the 3 lost tracks by re-importing the sound files and manually splitting them into take lanes, but it still seems weird that "convert to mono" would behave like this. Am I missing something?
  3. I recorded a file with four vocal tracks, each with several takes. I comped one of the tracks - the others were still in progress. For some reason, Cakewalk crashed on me (probably an issue with the sound card), and now all the audio except the currently active take in each track is gone (which means I only have the latest take from each of the un-comped tracks). When I look in the project audio folder, there is a bunch of audio files called "[track name] (bounced, XX)", but they are all empty. In the project audio folder, I also still have the recorded audio files (the one with all the takes looping in a single audio file, name is "[project name], [part name], Rec ([number])). Those sound like they are fine, but they are not the ones Cakewalk is importing. Is it somehow possible to make cakewalk "return" to the original files and ignore/recreate the "bounced" files? I'd rather not lose all my takes.
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