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  1. The only external device I am using is the Fender Mustang amp, the realtek audio device is the onboard headphones/speakers, it shouldnt be a multiple device issue as my previous laptop worked just fine with the exact same set up
  2. I have just upgraded my laptop from a HP ENVY 15-J151sa to a HP ENVY 17-CG0551sa. I am having trouble with the lower buffer size limit when I have my Fender Mustang V2 plugged in (I use the USB for recording guitar direct in) being stuck at 512 samples. This was not an issue that my previous laptop has and it also is present in Ableton as well as Cakewalk. I'm using the same ASIO4ALL driver on each laptop too so I don't think it is a driver compatibility issue. The strange thing is that when the amplifier is not plugged in/is turned off on the driver panel, I can adjust the buffer size however I want. Any tips on how to lower the buffer limit on my new PC as the latency at 512 samples is just a bit too high for me to tolerate. I've included some screenshots below to illustrate the problem. Screen Grabs from old laptop: Screen Grabs from New Laptop:
  3. It is baffling to me that cakewalk doesn't keep the time scaling constant by default, for example when editing MIDI a quarter note at 120 bpm would appear to be the same length as a quarter note at 60 bpm, despite the latter being twice as long a note when played back
  4. Hi, I'm quite new to using cakewalk, having become frustrated with pro tools first's limitations, and i wanted to know if there is a way to change the way that the bars are laid out in cakewalk. I've noticed that if there is a tempo change mid song, the bar lines do not resize accordingly (e.g. for a tempo increase the bar lines do not become more closely spaced) but instead the timescale resizes (real time tickmarks become further apart at a tempo increase). I've included screen grabs of a track i've been moving from pro tools to cakewalk in each instance the tempo change occurs at the "Groove" marker and goes from 73 bpm to 109.5 bpm Note how the bar lines in the pro tools screen grab become more tightly spaced after the tempo increase (which is what i want cakewalk to do!)
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