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  1. Problem solved. Audio driver with the latest update downloaded from Dell, reinstalled and up to now running CW, can resume and export.
  2. First of all thanks, my english is not very good. I'll check that with the antivirus. On the laptop I have Bitedefender (everything works), on the Dell I have AVIRA Antivirus Pro. I will exchange for Bitdefender. Greetings Caro
  3. I have a problem that seems to be the default. So far I had used a fast laptop from HP, everything was on board, including the sound. Speaker inside etc. I was able to use CW and run parallel wave or mp3 on another program. In CW I was able to play and record notes. And later just sample these clips, then export them as mp3, that just doesn't work anymore. If I take the old laptop then everything works again, all presets are the same. I went through all the settings step by step. It's just annoying. Now I have a Dell Optiplex 3070 5i-9500 3.0GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.40 GHz and 16 GB Ram. External speakers only, headphones or speakers. Who has a real tip. If there are any problems with the sound drivers compare the attachments. Should I buy a PCI sound card and if so, which one?
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