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  1. Most of the negative reviews are because of the lower endurance and warranty. I've written close to 900 gb without any issue and have used this for a month so far running Kontakt libraries off of it. As I said these are meant to be fast storage drives for your libraries, not as your main system drive. I also have the archives for all my libraries backed up on a hard drive in case it does fail. For me I only use these drives for 1-2 years, and then I replace them as something bigger, faster comes along. Know what your buying. Btw, 4 1/2 stars on Amazon with 220 vs. Newegg's 12 reviews. Also, 4 1/2 on BHPhoto with 33 reviews. Not trying to push these, just make an informed decision.
  2. I have this drive. There is a fast SLC cache of about 30 gb that it writes to before it moves the data to the 4 bit memory. After that it slows down to about 80 mb/s if writing data beyond this amount which is going to be pretty rare. After it's loaded though, it behaves very close to my EVO with reading the data. This is a good price. I paid $99 for it a month ago. Also bear in mind the endurance is lower than the EVO, so good as a storage drive, but not as your main system drive.
  3. You can download the trial version from Sonivox to try out. It used to be you get all the samples as wave files, not sure if this is still the case.
  4. You can buy them individually for $98 now during this sale.
  5. Thought I was clear. I had 60 custom shop credits. Just bought 25 more credits ($18 + 7 jampoints), so have a total of 85 credits after this. Bought Syntronik for 70 credits with 15 left over now for something else. Everything worked fine, no hiccups.
  6. I take it this is just a cash equivalent. I haven't pulled the trigger yet since I was also looking at Epic Percussion from Splash Sounds at $49 minus 20% with an email sign up. Checked out Rhapsody, but was too thin and flat, more traditional sounding for my needs. If I decide go for this, I will email them just to confirm the gift certificate can be used. Still have the 15% off code as a backup.
  7. Thanks Larry for the heads up on this. I have 60 credits now, so only need to purchase a few more credits using my jampoints. My out of pocket will be about $18 to pick this up with a few credits left over. Probably will only install a few of the instruments since I don't want to eat up the full 50 gb of space.
  8. Couple of options for further discounts. Use 15offstorewide to get an additional 15% off. Also, you can get a $50 Sample Logic gift certificate at APD for $30 with your rewards, but you cannot combine it with any promos including the one I mentioned.
  9. Most overused phrase on forums today - every purchase should be given consideration even if it's free as it will still take up hard drive space!
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