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  1. On 29/06/2020 at 06:52, chuckebaby said:

    O seu disco rígido está quase cheio?

    E você está executando o driver da Behringer (Asio) e definido como Asio nas preferências?

    I'm using ASIO4ALL 2.14 and the audio always hangs when I'm starting to record audio

  2. On 25/06/2020 at 11:52, chuckebaby said:

    Você está gravando em uma unidade de áudio externa? Qual a idade da unidade SSD que você está usando?

    Está perto de estar cheio?

    I am not using an external USB drive. I'm using a
    Thanks for listening.
    What should I do to resolve this?


    1222441532_104438404_693877998058484_2549390982388926355_n (1) .jpg.4d0cb36b65c1a4ba43b8edf05f95e0d6.jpg

    Hello, I'm from Brazil and I have this problem with BandLab audio. When I am recording or playing audio, the mechanics of the sound are unexpectedly interrupted and this error message is displayed (5). I have already followed the repair recommendations for (5), but nothing successful the problem continues.

    My PC has the following configuration:
    Windows 10
    64-bit Intel i7 processor, 4th generation
    12 GB of RAM,
    480 GB SSD
    U-PHORIA UMC22 audio card
    ASIO Drive

    Please someone help me, because here in Brazil, I can't find people to teach me how to solve this

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