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  1. I also experimented with the MIDI Timing offset with no luck. I'm also just going to deal with this via nudge. This seems to get progressively worse as time goes on and my projects get more complicated. Thanks to everybody for your advice!
  2. I'd bet that the ASIO drivers for the PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL are also an issue, although I am able to export a ton of tracks with lots of effects across the board without any problems. PreSonus pulled it off the market (which happens), but they also updated to the universal driver that doesn't entirely support the 1818VSL. This horked it up pretty good, and I had to overlay the old drivers and set everything back again. When I disable all of the effects, use the PDC button (which I'm convinced is a placebo), remove the metronome count-in (as suggested by an earlier poster), and nudge the midi notes - it's tolerable. Guess it's time to invest in a new external device... Thanks to everybody for your patience and excellent advice. I've been with Cakewalk since 1992, so old habits are hard to break. Thanks again! -Eric
  3. Under Preferences -> Audio -> Sync and Caching -> Record Latency Adjustment (samples), the only option in the drop-down is the AudioBox ASIO Driver. I've tried various options on the Manual Offset (after unchecking 'Use ASIO Reported Latency', which is reporting at 4978) and it doesn't seem to have any effect. I've tried using positive and negative values across the -5000 to 5000 allowable range. I play simple quarter notes spot-on with the metronome, and it places them ~10 frames ahead of the beat. I'm hoping there is just something silly that I am overlooking. Thank you for your help! -Eric
  4. I am - the ASIO drivers that came with the AudioVox 1818VSL. I've tried this via MIDI through the USB to the computer using the Yamaha USB driver (extremely old) and MIDI cables connected to the AudioVox 1818VSL itself. There is no appreciable difference in the latency.
  5. Hello fellow Cakewalk friends! I have an issue where Cakewalk will place notes input via MIDI a split second before they were originally recorded. Even if I play precisely on a beat (using a clock setting of 120 ticks/quarter), it ultimately places them about 10-12 ticks before the beat. This was not an issue with any version of Cakewalk or SONAR previously (I've used Cakewalk since the early 90's). This is in a completely clean project - no plugs, VSTs, or anything else in the way. Basic MIDI from my keyboard via USB to the DAW. Cakewalk seems to be overcompensating latency for the USB MIDI input, but I can't find any setting to correct it. Thank you in advance for your expert assistance! -Eric Windows 10 64-bit, i5-4440 @ 3.10GHz, 32G RAM, SSD for system and data drives.
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